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Air Canada Expands and Modernizes Fleet with 18 Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners

Boeing and Air Canada have jointly announced a significant development in the carrier’s plans to modernize and expand its fleet. Air Canada, the nation’s flag carrier, has placed an order for 18 787-10 widebody jets from Boeing, with the option to acquire an additional 12. This move aligns with Air Canada’s broader strategy of reducing carbon emissions while simultaneously expanding its global route network. ( More...

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M. Keating 1
I hoped that the article would have included expected delivery dates for these jets.
Jeraboam -2
Although the 787s may be good aircraft, it is disappointing to see Air Canada invest so much in Boeing aircraft when this greedy corporation successfully destroyed Canada's growng aircraft industry with its political influence on the American government.
David Beattie 6
Canada’s growing aircraft industry destroyed by greedy Americans? What piffle! Who in the hell do you think BOUGHT the Canadian planes that WERE built? 90% of CRJs, Challengers and Global Expresses were sold to the evil, “greedy American capitalists”. Canadair of course was sold to evil French CANADIAN capitalists Bombardier who almost destroyed the company. Most of the De Havilland Dash 6/8 and Q400s were sold to American companies. The CL-44, 215 and 415 sold well in the US. In addition, Pratt and Whitney of CANADA has sold 51,000 PT-6 turboprop engines to US manufacturers and operators. I own one myself on my FRENCH built TBM. At $1-2 Million dollars a piece, that’s a pretty good chunk of the Canadian GDP. Canada’s only jet airliner, the Avro 102 was a miserable failure and was cancelled by the CANADIAN government in 1951 seven years before Boeing built the 707 . Really, the only practical and economically viable mainline Canadian Jetliner in 70 years, the C Series was bought by the evil FRENCH Capitalists. You should attack them! What would really piss me off if I were Canadian is that national treasure Tim Hortons is owned by evil Brazilian Capitalists!
John Arkoulis -2
The C series was sold to Airbus after Boeing fought tooth and nail applying all the political clout they have for the project to fail as they simply do not have a competitor. I was disappointed to see AC buying the 737s when the much better A320-321 is available and now again going for the 787 instead of an Airbus product. I guess the price was right
John Ward -3
Jeraboam 2
Canada's large corporations are mostly products of international entities giving us limited control over their policies and practices. Our economy is intimately interconnected with the American economy in particular. In this case, I was addressing the deliberate attempt of Boeing to use political power to destroy the only significant Canadian competitor to one segment of the market. The "evil...capitalists" comments are yours and not mine. The aircraft you list were all products of a stable market economy operating with parts and assembly occurring across both countries and benefitting both countries. The Avro 102 was technically good but our own politicians screwed up its future in favour of another successful plane, the Avro Arrow, which they also screwed up. Bombardier was a world leading manufacturer of many transportation products but poorly operated in recent decades by a controlling family which lacked the leadership skills to maintain it. You strike at the heart of all Canadians when you mention our national treasure, Tim Horton's, passing from Canadian hands to Anglo-American hands to Brazilian hands; a truly shattering series of events from which the country may never recover!!! I have even rebelled to the point where I indulge in an occasional visit to a Starbucks!
yves sudre 1
Les avions sur la ligne Genève Montréal ne sont ils pas souvent des antiquités ? Qu'en pensez-vous ,?
D Chambers 3
You can't go wrong with the 787. I took one Vancouver-Taipei, 12 hours in First. So much quieter AND fuel-efficient. Les 767s, vraiment? No longer built, but cheap to acquire
Alan Winn 2
Tout à fait d'accord, et j'ai du mal à comprendre pourquoi. Toujours ces vieux A330, je préfère le 787. Le même problème en depart de New York avec les A330 de Swiss et les 767 de Delta à JFK, ainsi que les 767 de United à EWR. Tous ces appareils ont plus de 20 ans !


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