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Air India about to order 220 Boeing and 275 Airbus jets

Air India will on Friday Jan. 27 seal half of an order for some 495 jets with Boeing, Airbus and engine suppliers General Electric and CFM International, industry sources said, as its new owner seeks to revive the airline and compete with larger rivals. After months of closely guarded, tough negotiations, Air India is set to place an order for 190 Boeing 737 MAX narrowbody planes as well as some 20 Boeing 787s and 10 Boeing 777X on a day marking one year since Tata Group took control of the… ( More...

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patrick baker 1
many other jobs come open with this size purchase. That is not an easy solution coming up. The point not often talked about is the reluctance of the Indian population to be willing to pay commensurate payments for services recieved. Too many el cheapo airlines on the subcontinent that have made the mindset of cheap fares first and foremost. Many of those cheapo airlines ceased operations, but the mindset lingers. Many seats to fill, both in the pilots cockpit and in the passenger seats


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