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Markey to CDC, TSA: Airplane mask mandate should stay in place

The mandate enables "all Americans, including seniors, the immunocompromised, and individuals with disabilities, to safely participate in society," Markey wrote. In other parts of the world, like in Danish airports and at Heathrow Airport in London, mask requirements have been dropped. ( और अधिक...

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ajagostini 11
I don't play a doctor on TV, I do it in real life. My humble opinion is that the ear loop mask, worn slovenly by most, does little to protect the wearing individual from exposure in a confined space. It does, when face to face interaction is limited, protect from brief direct airborne droplet exposure to both parties involved. In a confined space, such as when I have to examine a patient with active COVID pneumonia in the ICU, only a true filter mask such as an N95 protects the wearer. They do work, as I have been face to face with countless COVID patients and have not "brought it home from work" as of yet. My practice is to wear an N95 when I am in a known exposure environment such as in the hospital, and I choose to wear nothing in any other scenario.

I feel that the mandate should go away as scheduled. There is virtually no protection from the air entering from the side of your ear loop mask on an extended flight. If an individual feels the need for protection if they are frail, immunocompromised, or have clinical factors putting them at risk of complications from a COVID exposure, by all means, feel free to put on an N95. This should protect them from exposure without the need to burden those without such risk.
Ken Jackson -3
The entire point of wearing a mask is to protect vulnerable people from idiot spreaders like you. Bugger off. And wear a mask.
ajagostini 1
Thank you Ken. I will keep your input in mind.
avionik99 6
"The mandate enables "all Americans, including seniors, the immunocompromised, and individuals with disabilities, to safely participate in society,"

Then let them choose to wear a mask!!
Silent Bob 3
And the worst part is mask mandates have been dropped almost universally across the country. So if it's not safe for people to be unmasked while traveling then they're not safe at the grocery store, or restaurants, or shopping malls, sporting events, etc where mask wearing has pretty much disappeared.
Ken Jackson -2
Exactly! And that is why COVID will destroy civilization. Good lord, the stupid hurts my head.
dnorthern 2
Looking in your mirror surely causes your head to explode
Mike Mohle 3
And they can get yet another shot, starting this week!

Roy Hunte 4
Another old crank trying to push mandates around.
Fraser MacPhee 4
JEBBUS, FAIRYS, AND HOSES...Is there no end to these mad, incompetent fools!!!
dnorthern 4
Jim Quinn 3
These morons simply cannot stand the idea that they no longer have the sheeple following their every word. The biggest hoax ever inflicted upon our own country (and possibly the entire world) has been uncovered, debunked, ridiculed and proven to be false but here we are, still crippled by those trying to stay in power. Disgusting.
Mike Mohle 4
Wait till the next Plandemic.....
Charlie Roberts 2
Mike Mohle 1
Ken Jackson 0
Spell “sheeple”.
J.I.M. Q.U.I.N.N.
Doug Haviland 3
Enough of this, the control must end now.


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