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UA182 (B789 N25982), en route from Denver to Frankfurt Monday, reached 800 mph/695 KQ ground speed over Minnesota

Twitter post by W. Kentucky TV meteorologist, Noah Bergren (@NbergWX). Many eastbound flights shave-off considerable time now thanks to current jet stream speeds near 200 mph at FL34. For westbound flights the opposite is true, adding more twists to already jumbled timetables. For examples of other recently affected flights, see this story (paywall rules permitting) by DC meteorologist, Matthew Cappucci: Alternate… ( More...

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Jim Smirh 6
No problem. I’d have done the same. I don’t want to be anywhere near MN in the Winter!!! 😬
No matter how strong the tailwind is it has absolutely no effect on the Mach number that the aircraft is cruising at, just as a strong headwind cannot cause the aircraft's wing to stall. (i.e. to reach it's stalling angle of attack or AOA). A tailwind will ONLY increase the groundspeed and a headwind will reduce the groundspeed.
David Stark 7
Exactly. Some of the commenters on Twitter don't comprehend the distinction.

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Best not to get into that, madame/sir.
21voyageur 6
Suggest that applies to all schools with spoilt kids having little appetite to learn/earn.

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Stephen Leftly -3
Consider these points:
1) This is a thread about aviation not about public schools, why the distraction?
BTW the public schools where I live are really good with tremendous academics.

2) CRT is not being taught in any school (unless perhaps if the students are taking an AP class, which again is college level work and would therefore be totally appropriate). This is a malicious fantasy that CRT is being taught in schools is just a way of getting people all stirred up based on a lie and is highly divisive.

3) Given the utter right wing drivel being posted about CRT it would seem that it would be a good thing that CRT was taught in school.

SkyAware123 -3
1. Because it eventually trickles down.
2. Yes it is.
3. Makes absolutely no sense. Speak English?
Peter Creary 2
Name with address the school that is teaching CRT as a mandatory part of the children’s education.
RECOR10 -2
You are aware that the premise of CRT and the copywritten materials are not exclusive, right? Fool. My god, thank god I live in a well-armed community (oh, and not Chicago - any longer)
1) Still doesn't answer the question why when the thread is about aviation you want to talk about education.

2) While the right wing media and its fellow travelers keeps talking about the teaching of CRT in schools they don't actually provide any concrete evidence of such. SkyAware123 follows the same path. If teaching of CRT in schools was a real thing it would be logical the people who are making such a claim could provide real evidence of such. So far such evidence has not been presented. All that has been "presented" is a load of unsubstantiated claims. Any reasonable, factual, analysis shows this whole CRT thing is a manufactured issue to get the right wing base fired up. The "outrage" over the supposed teaching of CRT in schools is, at its core, deeply racist.

3) If the sentence of the third bullet makes no sense and/or is grammatically incorrect please explain why. It is pretty clear that most people posting about the teaching of CRT in schools do not seem to have any real grasp of what CRT concepts really are let alone argue the merits, or not, of CRT.
ken young 3
Shut up
Aviation discussion only
Stephen Leftly -1
Well while not politely put I agree with the sentiment: the discussion should be about aviation.

If you follow the thread it was not me that bought these spurious items into the thread and I stated that I thought they were inappropriate distraction from the issue at hand.

However once people have made factually wrong statements and have basically lied about CRT etc. what is one to do? Allow those lies to lie there unchallenged as if they were true, or to point out the errors and lies in those statements?

It would seem reasonable that you direct your comment to those that originally bought those items into the thread, not me.
RECOR10 -2
Um, because EDUCATION is what produces people smart enough to be aviators and do it in a safe manner. Now that our public education system is a worldwide dismal failure and financial joke....well, we are reaping what we sew, idiots.

WTF does delusional CRT have to do with anything there? CRT is simply racism. Not understanding ground speed as opposed to airspeed is academic ignorance. The failures of our public school system are so profound that it is nauseating.

Hell, where I went to high school there are no longer valedictorians...seriously because it was claimed to be racist (I guess success is a derivative of white or yellow skin). What a joke.
waynej007 0
Plus, math is racist!
ken young -2
Right. Sure.
We believe and will comply
SkyAware123 -3
crt has higher priority Lets keep em dumb.

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I remember when this site was nice and cordial, and people like RECOR10 didn't bring politics into discussions. I wish it could go back to that.
Um, another posted commented on the ignorance of folks on Twitter (I do not have an account, I don't see them). I, as an educated person who understands the difference between air and ground speed. I then blamed the dismal failures of the public school system in the US for ignorant comments. How is that politics? That is reality, like it or not, it is not a political statement.
WhiteKnight77 6
While fast, it is not hard to understand, at least for some of us, that ground speed is not equivalent to true air speed.
swanaero1 2
so these guys did 853,
David Ingram 2
Been there. Riding the jet stream is a hoot. Bucking it, not so.
Rosomak 3
We did 802 the same day from KEGE to KFCM. Got the pics to prove it
swanaero1 3 post it up
ken young 1
I found a detailed explanation which offers facts regarding the sound barrier and other pertinent facts.


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