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FAA says Boeing is appointing people lacking expertise to oversee airplane certification

The Federal Aviation Administration this summer found Boeing had appointed engineers to oversee airplane certification work on behalf of the agency who lack the required technical expertise and often “are not meeting FAA expectations.” ( More...

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M20ExecDriver 14
What else is new? The FAA should hire those retired engineers to scrutinize the newbies being "appointed".
Tim Segulin 8
After 737 MAX tragedies, why is FAA still relying on employees of the companies it oversees to do its job?
Why doesn't it have it's own engineers, familiar with the certification process and whose loyalties are undivided doing this vital work?
Mark Henley 2
They DO have their own engineers... They just need to do a more thorough screening job -- up front -- on the people that their ODAs propose putting in those roles.
Why is FAA still relying on employees of the companies it oversees to do its job?

If you had one guess, what would it be?
bzzzzt, times up. The answer is money. The FAA does not set their own budget.

Mark Henley 1
You are correct.
THey did that before and we all know the result, two 737 Maxes went down.
Mark Henley 1
No, they didn't. "Managing" existing ODAs in a "business as usual until now" mode is not the same thing as I proposed for them to do.
Joe Keifer 10
The FAA needs to get its act together and do more, and better, oversight of the vendor!
mbrews 13
From the article " ... many of the Boeing safety appointees the agency interviewed this summer did not measure up.

" Boeing offered early retirement to many more senior FAA-authorized safety engineers. "

" In one certification specialty more than 20 such Boeing engineers left in a single month. "
Dave Mathes 4
...whoa!...I wake up this morning to this revelation?! as usual...
Carl Richter 9
Boeing is following the airlines in hiring for equity and not qualifications. This is not going to end well.
srobak 4
The irony of the FAA with it's track record of appointing people lacking expertise in conducting ASI's pointing this out about Boeing is quite amazing.
ADXbear 2
Equal opportunity..janitor to inspector in 2 weekend courses...
George Pepe 2
There probably been doing that for years.
avionik99 8
Well when you are pressured to promote people with certain personal preferences in their lifestyle, skin color etc etc this is what happens! I am old enough to have seen this first hand with affirmative action. Qualifications take a back seat to whats required to be hired/promoted into any job.
patrick baker 7
just a little bit bigoted, don't you think? What you saw, you saw through bigoted eyes. Boeing has done a major stupid once more: these engineers are required to used their expertise to certify safe aircraft , and are too valuable to be chased off into retirement. Sort of like looking into the 777 cockpit and seeing a 25 year old captain and a 24 year old first officer. I'm outta here....
F. M. 9
Acknowledging that hiring and promotion is no longer merit-based but optics-based is not bigoted. Labeling the truth as racist or bigoted does not change the fact that it is the truth.
avionik99 6
" What you saw, you saw through bigoted eyes"

Not at all sir. I was labeled as "Hispanic" at that time. I worked at a large aircraft depot facility and I can assure you I saw all the negatives that hiring and promoting based solely on racially and sexist mandated numbers did to a workforce.
srobak 4
the only thing bigoted is these practices themselves. not the observance of them. get right.
W B johnson -5
I agree, Patrick.
msetera 2
Very true! What's more important, diversity and inclusion, or productivity and results?
What's more important, diversity and inclusion, or productivity and results?

None of the above. The answer is seniority.

I figured since you guys brought the subject up, I'd jump right in.
Shawn Jipp 1
Um you sound bigoted and possibly racist. Easy to blame people of color for BOEING MANAGEMENT AND ENGINEERING DECISIONS. Where is your data?
wiztom 3
Watch Dan Griders Probable cause Youtube video "Boeing 737 MAX - 346 Dead. DTSB Issues Probable Cause."
The FAA has allot of splainin' to do.
I think it is a very often occuring indication of the "making it as cheap as possible" syndrome that affects all area of business these days. You narrow down the staff as much as possible just over the hurt limit that you have to skip some work to keep up. Then when it's time to pension the ones who have the knowledge you hire a new one at the last minute, often with the education, but not the experience. And by not having the experienced work along with the new ones for a long enough time, knowledge get dropped on the floor and you have to start all over with some work, that your products suffers and that your sales drop isn't something that is taken into consideration when you don't remember that the thing the whole company lives on is the final products, just the local budget is important and it is a very dangerous game companies are playing just to be the cheapest ones. Also in the other end, contracts that only see costs, not quality, is a big part of the same syndrome. Things get run into the ground by this "modern management", literally in this case!
Mike Taylor 2
Looks like an FAA staffing issue to me. Back in the bad old days when I was a government engineer for the DoD I was the one camped at the contractor's facilities doing the certifications and inspections. Now it seems, in these reduced budget environments, that the FAA has delegated that responsibility back to the contractor. What could go wrong?
Charles Adams 1
If this is true then Boeing is starting to slide away again. Just as it did when it’s fresh off the line factory liners slammed flat into the ground shortly after takeoff. Now, they may be taking new false steps. Certainly none of those modern marvels of the air have have yet to fail and fall but when you allow corporate misdemeanors up front there is no telling what might happen at the end of the road. Let there be light, and life, for al that fly in the skies..
srobak 1
This is precisely why you never send in a 1st party auditor to do a 3rd party auditor's job.
Linda Forman 1
After the 737 MAX tragedies, Boeing needs Engineers with the proper Certification Processes and the FAA REALLY needs to be involved! You can't expect Pilots to overcome every problem that is a manufacturing nightmare with lectures and videos about when this happens or when that happens you do this or that maneuver! Fix the doggone problem at hand and the Pilots and Attendants will feel much safer flying and so will the Public! Plus, it will be a big boost for the Economy with more revenue coming in with more passengers feeling that their safety is in the Company's utmost thoughts!
Phil Howry 1
Once again a federal government agency uses a willing media source as a preemptive defense to any future incident/accident. Does anyone actually believe the FAA is immune to human error and oversight mistakes? Airline safety protocol is a bilateral matter, not a unilateral political approval "window dressing" approval matter.
Robert Lake 0
Didn't the FAA appoint a bunch of flight controllers not all that long ago because of "WOKE" policies who were completely unqualified for the job? Remember that WOKE is the law these days and who cares how many people will die because of it. How much longer will it take for us all to wake up, not WOKE up?
The woke thing is so tired, it really deserves a rest.
Looks like to a European guy's eyes just as a too long plead coming from the FAA to hammer in our brains : everything that went wrong and which is to go wrong is, by defintion, Boeing's fault.
Too nice to look true, even in Toulouse...
msetera -2
Perhaps Boeing should hire Hunter for this job. He's an expert at lacking expertise.
wingbuddy 4
Wow, you haven’t mentioned Siri’s, or Benghazi yet….
Carl Richter -1
He's expert in painting too. Since he is the smartest person the Joe Biden knows he could head up the whole program.
WD Rseven -1
Oh, and the FAA people assigned to any task have the required "expertise"?
D Rotten -6

Between Pilots dropping dead from the Experimental Bio-weapon Injections and UNQUALIFIED pilots being hired.......there's no way in hell I'd ever set foot on a plane!! ALL by design, people.....all by design!! Since there is now ZERO Accountability, on this planet!! ANYTHING GOES! That's what happens when Criminals Rule over the people! LAWLESSNESS.......IN YOUR FACE!
Philip Lanum 2
Please take your meds.
srobak -1
please get off your delusion inducing ones.
Shawn Jipp 1
D Rotten You obviously don't follow science or statistics! You don't know the safety of airline flight or vaccines. Perhaps you need some meds?


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