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The Boeing 737 Max Is Back With Passenger Fears Proving a Mirage

No news is good news when it comes to proving an aircraft’s mettle, or at least that’s what the conventional wisdom holds. That’s true both for new, unproven models and for aircraft that have been through the media’s wringer. This is to be the case for Boeing’s 737 Max. Since the latest iteration of the planemaker’s bread-and-butter jet returned to the skies with Gol on December 9, 2020, neither Boeing nor the airlines have... ( और अधिक...

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Scott Campbell 2
The "prediction" didn't take a mastermind ... the simple fact is they sip fuel and they'll be in the air for decades based on that alone...

ADXbear 2
First! most of the flying public don't know crap about this aircraft verses another. Second they don't know how to identify a Max from another 737. Third, the publics memory is very Short and few can connect the dots with this aircraft and the controllability issues that caused 2 crashes. Finally, not many are going to cancel their flight if they learn while boarding they are on a Max.
As for all of us aviation folks familiar with the whole issue, we will look to see what aircraft type your flight is scheduled to be used and should the airline switch aircraft most all of us would recognize the Max looking through the window before boarding allowing us to change flights with the gate agent.
sailingeric 2
I flew on a SW Max last week from PDX to MDW. I knew what it was looking out the window at the gate and it was even printed on the safety card. I did not see anyone have a problem with it and I suspect 99% of the did not even know what they were on.
aurodoc 3
I also flew on SWA Max from PHX to SFO. Easy to tell it was a Max from looking at engines and seeing the continuous number of people boarding. I think it hold 185 passengers, maybe more than the 707s I used to fly on during the 1960s. Clean and comfortable with a well trained crew.
Michael Yentzer 1
As with all previous 737's variants the concept of it's purpose and base design of the airframe has always been a winner. The issue with all current aircraft, especially Air Bus is the over automation and training to override that Automation. Every aspect of the a flying airline must be able to be in absolute control of the Pilots/Engineers in the Cockpit. And every Flight must see a completely manual landing and Take off of the Crew with out Automation involved. In short flight the Aircraft like it is a DC3, actual rudder/stick and throttle in hand not the AI. In short every aircraft flown should experience no more the 50% Landings and 50% Take offs under AI control, World wide. Al long haul, 2.5+ Hr flights must have 3 cockpit crew members on board the Aircraft.
Ed Kostiuk -1
Duhhhhhhhhh, I predicated this when others were saying the Max is dead. Once again, the phony American media proves its mistakes. Maybe one day American's will wake up and realize the stupidity of media and social media especially that fool CNN calls an Aviation Expert Richard Quest by far the biggest dork on TV.
jeff slack 1
Madame Zenda?
What other predictions do you have for us?


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