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TikTok video shows woman on American Airlines plane duct-taped to her seat after she tried to open the door mid-flight

A TikTok video shows a woman duct-taped to her seat on an American Airlines flight after she reportedly attacked flight attendants and attempted to open the plane's front door. The incident happened on American Airlines Flight 1774 that was traveling from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas to Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday. ( More...

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Robert Cowling 8
I'm good with that. They apparently ran out of zip ties. Bummer. Oh, and no 300 pound guy sat on her for the duration of the flight. You have a right, with a ticket, to be on that flight. You do not have the right to scare the hell out of most of the other fliers, and to violate federal regulations. And duct tape holds the universe together anyway. It works.

I'd probably recommend gaffers tape, but, tape is tape. Gorilla Tape tends to tear skin and hair.
Mark Henley 2
Skin and hair grow back -- might be a good deterrent not to try it again....
Paul Miller 13
Just ANOTHER crazy passenger that's going to be added to the growing list of people who seem unable to just sit and enjoy the ride from One Airport to another !!!!
This wasn't some selfish jerk refusing to wear a mask or put their seatbelt on. This woman completely lost her shit for no apparent reason. So my question is did you at any point consider a legit medical reason as possible cause then immediately dismiss it, or did the possibility never enter your mind in the first place?

Still don't know...
George Schultenkamp 5
It's reassuring to know that airlines carry masking tape in their standard emergency response kit.
Graeme Smith 2
Probably another case of bad reporting. It was probably speed tape. :-)
Dale Ballok 3
“Speed tape”, “duct tape”?
Doesn’t matter, as long as it worked!
Mildred Sellers 0
actually each crew member is issued zip cuffs and duct tape
jetserf 1
That isn’t true.
Peter Fuller 9
These news articles about passengers freaking out and trying to open doors never mention that opening a door midflight is impossible. They should.
Scott Hickman 4
The news folk don't know squat about aviation, or much else that they "report" on.
Bob Horgan 4
Stupid Woman. Dont some pax realise that plug doors are specifically designed to NOT open in flight.
Dale Ballok 2
They don’t even know the rules of flying!
Etienne Daniels 3
And what would our beloved Tik Tok user propose as the perfect solution?
paul gilpin 3
considering the headlines the past few weeks, the article didn't say which NFL team the woman played for nor the position.
Daniel Gless 1
She was a tight end at one a wide receiver...badda BOOM!
alan75035 4
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes...
silvano Cerboneschi 2
mad woman? No comment
Etienne Daniels 2
She probably don't need to wax her upper lip in the near future after removing the duct tape :)
Texas to North Carolina; that explains it . . .
Mildred Sellers 3
This crazy person is actually taped to a Jumpseat!
I can remember using cuffs and tape only once in my 40 year career and that was on a guy that was punching others in the face. When he hit a Marine the party was on!. We subdued him and taped him to his seat with other Marines surrounding him until we landed.
People are just crazier now and feel empowered to get what they want regardless of what impact it has on others.
Russ Brown 4
Dear Mildred:

Thanks for your 40 years. Hope I flew with you.
Considering the number of passengers having to be restrained lately (and as much as I hate to agree with a TikTok account holder) it seems like american airlines could do better than a couple rolls of duct tape. Like four zipties and a mask maybe?

I don't know.
Highflyer1950 12
If she was a danger to others as well as herself, I kinda like the duct tape route. Should be made into a large poster as a reminder to the travelling public…….we have signage for just about everything else these days!
Dale Ballok 3
Whatever works!
Robert Cowling 0
Zip ties tend to cut skin. I'm sure some flower child could make a case that zip ties are 'cruel punishment'. Velcro is unreliable. Duct tape, or a harness like a straight jacket maybe?

Maybe they could use drugs? Yeah, some of those drugs are dangerous to use on just anyone, without having a way to determine if they are going to have a bad outcome on them.

Duct tape works...
srobak 2
cuts skin? cruel punishment? too damn bad! That's what one gets for trying to down a plane. Because that wouldn't be cruel punishment to 150 people.
Dennis Dulac 3
How about putting some kind of law enforcement on all flights?
Roy Hunte 6
Bring back the Federal Air Marshals!
Raymond Doherty 7
They haven't gone anywhere.
Mildred Sellers 3
Marshals will NOT react to this type of thing. They are on board to keep the C/P and aircraft safe, not to solve crazy people behaving bad. Your crew are trained to take the crazies down.
srobak 1
you don't think someone trying to open the door mid-flight is placing the aircraft or passengers at risk? OK - stay off my plane.
Christian Nye 1
And then many would complain about the increased ticket prices!
srobak 1
that's paid via tax dollars, not airline tickets
Christian Nye 1
And you don't thing think the airlines will add a "security" fee/surcharge?
These fees were sure added to my flights goin in and out of DCA after 9/11.
Cibrut Turbic -1
Link to TikTok video shows completely different video(s). And link to TikTok's user account who posted mentioned video says "this account does not exist on TikTok". What about checking stuff before you putting it into newsletter which arrived 32 minutes ago? ;)
srobak 1
"link to tiktok video" doesn't even go to tiktok... it goes to another article on a completely different news web page.


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