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Southwest, American delays hint at hard summer for travelers

This summer is already shaping up to be a difficult one for air travelers. Southwest Airlines customers have struggled with thousands of delays and hundreds of canceled flights in the past three weeks because of computer problems, staffing shortages and bad weather. American Airlines is also grappling with a surge in delays, and it has trimmed its schedule through mid-July at least in part because it doesn’t have enough pilots, according to the pilots’ union. ( More...

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Joachim Raber 6
Had today a cancelation of my Frontier flight due to crew staffing issue after plane was delayed due to weather. Can understand that, but the piss poor service like letting people wait for 3h to issue hotel vouchers to not issue them, and then tell everyone just organize the hotel yourself and send us a claim, is the same incompetent behavior as it was pre-pandemic. Gate agents were not able to give us an answer if our connecting flight with Frontier will be changed to the next day as well, and told us to call customer service. Tried 3 times, talked to a total of 6 offshore call center (Philippines) agents in a period 5h after cancelation and they did not even see in their system that the flight was canceled! Even the week following 9/11 airlines were able to respond better.
Randy Barron 2
You nailed it: Frontier has been doing that for years. I had a similar experience in 2019 that cost me a thousand-dollar day in Oklahoma. Avoid Frontier at all costs, in my experience.
Phil Howry 8
There's an option to the, its all about me, inconveniences and stresses of air travel; stay home and/or get in your car and "See the USA in your Chevrolet". No mask required in your vehicle, you can carry as much food and luggage as you want and choose your travel partner(s), a win-win.

If you have time to spare, go by air.
George Pepe 1
Southwest had computer problems, that is not their fault. AMERICAN HOWEVER JUST SUCKS AT MAINTAINING AN APPROPRIATE SIZED AMOUNT OF CREWS!!!
Dolores Allee 1
I flew RDU to SYR with layover Reagon last week on AA. I checked my schedule for days prior and day of flight to check that my connection was not cancelled ? My nerves were shot! In most cases an unused ticket becomes a credit for future travel NOT a cash refund ! The customer becomes the loser.The Airlines keeps your money and you are stuck in a layover city to fend for your self. I was thinking of going to UT for Thanksgiving ? Not going to happen !
Randy Barron 1
Instead of putting together honest schedules that take into account the shortage of planes, pilots, and crews, the airlines are grabbing for every last dollar. Even though they got plenty of our tax dollars during the worst of the pandemic (so far).

They should be posting real-world schedules and not selling so many tickets. They are in the business of delivering people safely and more or less on time to their destinations.

I have work travel coming up that is too densely packed to allow for a leisurely tour by auto or train, which I would dearly prefer. I am not looking forward to the privileged and unruly idiots who don't know how to share or care.
ADXbear -3
Shame on these airlines for misreading the post Corona demands.. thunderstorms is such a bs answer only passing off any average educated traveler... what the thunderstorms suddenly are much worse this year than years past? Lol a joke..
However unruly passengers are a byproduct of being cooped up and bad airline services.. These companies should have been more than ready to fly the first day with 56 billion in fresh cash to keep people employed.. pitiful from both the companies and the pax.. I say just drive.. screw all that aggravation!
Silent Bob 3
So I assume you and your crystal ball predicted a rapid resumption of air travel that within a few short months has exceeded pre-pandemic levels (over the holiday weekend anyway)?

And while I agree that blaming weather alone is an oversimplification, it is still a major factor. Reroutes and ground stops wreak havoc on airline schedules, and because they're already stretched thin on staffing and support they can't recover from the disruption(s) in a timely manner.
mary susan watkins 1
respectfully adxbear...airlines are a BUSINESS just like other businesses run by people..those in charge are not "soothsayers" who can predict that a pandemic will come and travel will be stopped or curtailed..the airlines were grateful and happy when there was funding allocated for them to keep from furloughing or laying off employees..they did however, as airlines have always done when times are tough,offer early retirement and buyouts to employees,including the pilot delays and the present shortage of employees ,as well as not having all of their aircraft back in service,have affected all the carriers,specifically southwest and american who also have had computer issues..if your preference is to drive,then by all means do the way,frontline airline employees do take a lot of "flack" from people they do not deserve,and the covid issue has made it worse..courtesy is a two way street..
Lewis Tripp -1
The only pitiful one is you. Airline service has nothing to do with the idiots that cause problems and attack airline employee's. A basic moron could figure that out but then...............
Thomas Craig 0
Wow, it is getting as bad as the Drudge report here. Take a deep breath and leave some nasty words out of your post
Rick Scott -1
It sounds like ADXbear should be the CEO of a major airline. While you have a clear vision of the future, please give us some stock tips.


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