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Transair 737 crash crew believed both engines were failing

Air-ground communications from the crew of a Boeing 737-200 which ditched off Honolulu on 2 July indicate the pilots were dealing with an engine failure and believed the other engine was also on the verge of failing ( More...

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Roy Hunte 15
Old aircraft.......the idiots at Seattle Times compared it to the MAX crashes.smh
sparkie624 3
Yes.. Very Very old! That was a 70's/80's Vintage.. Maybe older... I still like them more than the CFM birds!
Gates and the Times won't be getting off that gravy train any time soon. Plane was delivered in 1975.
sparkie624 6
1 Certified Engine Failure and the other close to going... Very interesting.. I would love to track the maintenance records on this one. Good read!
Highflyer1950 2
I’d be interested in the last time the engines were overhauled and whether or not they could make rated thrust? Another question could be aircraft configuration while attempting a return?
sparkie624 1
Probably about 2 days before it was accepted by them!
patrick baker 3
a 70's/80's vintage airliner is not old, for many of its currents parts are much newer than that. Brings out the Sherlock Holmes in me: question. For an aircraft that just recently flew successfully, what new was added to said aircraft that both engines require, that may have caused both engines to underperform and fail??? So very glad both pilots survived an ocean landing. I want to hear their story in detail. An emergency ditching in the dark: excellent skill shown here. congrats guys.
belzybob 6
Contaminated fuel?
jbermo 2
There are a couple of easy reasons that would explain near-simultaneous engine failures.
sparkie624 1
They were Departing Hawaii, their fuel should be good...

Do they sell better quality fuel there? I don't understand.
panam1971 1
I was thinking the same thing.
They reported the second engine as "running hot".

They are both out of the hospital...
sparkie624 1
A Running Hot Engine is usually not contaminated fuel, but rather one that has not had good maintenance. One thing that really affects the Engine Temp is a good Compressor and Combustor Wash. Those 2 alone help keep the Exhaust temp down due to maintaining better more efficient airflow. Also if the Atomizers are dirty, that can cause that issue as well.
Mark Walker 1
My thoughts exactly.
I flew on a DC-9 that was just a few years younger than me. Those planes were so over designed. They were incredibly durable, if you treated them right.
sparkie624 1
You are exactly right... But the Key to the whole statement comes down to one HUGE WORD... "if"
sparkie624 1
The key is the Biggest Word in the Universe... "IF"
Robert Cowling -2
But was #2 in the process of failing? I would have assumed that they could at least maintain altitude, but I, obviously, wasn't there.

That was a tough situation. It's amazing they both survived. What a ride, I'm sure. Wow!
You can listen to the audio between them and ATC on YouTube. They have an engine fail, then as they're configuring the airplane to return they start losing the 2nd engine.


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