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United CEO warns of possible pilot shortage

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said on Sunday that the U.S. could face a possible pilot shortage. During an interview with "Axios on HBO," Kirby said the United States could face the shortage because the military is not producing as many pilots as it did previously. ( More...

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M20ExecDriver 5
Shortage? Not paying enough money. Economics 101
the airline industry at one time recruited almost all of their pilots from the military,because these were well trained and ready to go the 90's, that trend lessened because not as many military were leaving to go into the private sector..the airlines have hired more and more individuals who had gone to private aviation schools, and gotten flight hours from smaller companies..the idea of fewer ex military applying for ual or aa or any other carrier is NOT a newsflash..ual is experiencing shortages of crew for the same reason other carriers are..early retirements and buyout packages..
John Steiner 2
...and bad management.
Roy Hunte 6
Maybe there will be after Delta hires their 1000 pilots.
Silent Bob 3
He conveniently fails to mention the large drop in civilian trained pilots as well, a big factor being the upfront cost as well as the low starting pay particularly at the regionals. Which is ironic because while regional airline pay was never that great, it's major airline managers like Kirby who kept it low by "whipsawing" companies against each other by giving valuable feed to the lowest bidder(s), which forced companies to keep costs rock bottom in order to compete.

There's been some improvement over the last few years, but when you tell people they're gonna shell out well over $100k in flight training and education costs for a chance at a job that pays $40-50k a year to start you're not gonna get a lot of takers beyond those who only dream of being pilots.
reg barnsdale 2
Perhaps he should lead by example and resign his post so as to allow some minority to take over the lead of this brave new airline of color.
All circumstances seems to be leading to more 'bums in seats' aircraft operators and fewer real seat of the pants passionate-about-flying professional airmen. Oh well, next generation's problem...
Frosty1025 3
They will have more pilot shortages when the airlines start forcing pilots to get the COVID vaccines if they want to continue flying. Many will be taking early retirement if that happens.
Absolutely! Non FDA vetted shots must stop
mikeenderle 2
Agreed. No job is worth my health. I'm 28 and healthy. Why on earth would I get an experimental vaccine for an illness that I'm 99.99% likely to fully recover from.
paul trubits 1
To keep you from getting other people sick and possibly dying on a respirator?
robert moore 1
That's what Vitamin C & D3 do instead of jab.
The drug companies don't make $$$ off of vitamins so they are not telling public about this.
ksmith610 -9
Well, then, the fewer trumpanzees, the better.
Yawn troll much?
Come on Kevin. We all know you wave the the trump flag when know-one is looking!

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lynx318 1
Aviation School is more worried about colour and gender instead of picking good pilots. Not saying their decision for keeping complaining groups off their backs, but are good potential pilots being turned away because of social equality? Safety is more important.
jptq63 1
I wonder why United would go about opening their own flight school vs. just buying one that already exists and modifying to their desires? I.e. many flight schools (vs. just military aka tax payer trained / person commits to serve... good in my view) train pilots to "some basic skill level", why not United focus on those people they find best from the non-military flight schools to train to the standard(s) they want?

Steve Ortiz 1
If they would offer to pay for flight school cost if a student successfully graduates, Then I would sign up for the job. I already have 2 degrees and Love Flying! I wouldn't be complaining about getting paid $40k-$50k a year to do something I love, since I am already comfortable, financially.
neltel -4
Split crews, one with the Jab and one without...Just in case of inflight reactions.


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