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Boeing's big China problem

The Boeing 737 Max is back in the air, and air travel is finally rebounding, helping restart orders for new planes. But Boeing is still facing a major problem that could cripple the company for years to come — US-China trade tensions. China is by far the largest and most important market for aircraft purchases. It is estimated the country will account for a quarter of commercial aircraft sales globally over the next 10 years. But in an age of US-Chinese trade tensions only 1% of Boeing's… ( More...

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It was the cEO's of US and European business that in their greed transferred their best technologies and manufacturing capabilities to China, trained the Chinese in these, all to save a few bucks on labor. The CEO's of American industry couldn't have cared less about their country or their workers and as a result of the cheap labor received huge salaries and bonuses. China gave little to these bozo CEO's, no promises of market access, no guarantees about intellectual property just a lookee here at how big our market its. And they all fell for it. China no longer needs to steal anything although like every country, it will if the opportunity arises. China is exceptionally modern, graduates far more technicians, engineers, physicists, dand PHD's than any other country or group of countries on the planet. If you don't like this, its too late. Thank the CEO's and the politicians they bought to assist them in damaging their country. The whole scenario is like the Quaker mantra, "we will not cheat thee but will do our best to outwit thee". And they did.
wiregold 2
You are correct. I had a front row seat at the tech-for-market-share giveaway at Hewlett-Packard. I bitched to upper management but they literally laughed it off.
Boeing and Airbus should be concerned about the Comac C919 once mass produced and newer versions become available. Thats going to hit them hard.
Huck Finn -2
Great, now the Chi-Coms can fly more infected people with their germ warfare to destinations all over the world!
Ken Hardy 16
Boeing, Airbus and many other aviation suppliers who have rushed to China over the last 20 years to " TAP ' the Chinese market have also had to transfer the technology to build those airframes and engines as well as the electronics. Anyone who can sent a Rover to Mars and land a rover/probe on the dark side of the Moon as China has done does not need Boeing or Airbus to buy aircraft from, they CAN BUILD THEIR OWN and are already doing so. Boeing and Airbus will feel the heat from China in sales competition around the World in the near future. China is already the world's biggest economy and has the largest foreign currency reserves of any Country, they don't need the US or Europe to push them over the top unless its to steal technology they don't have and stealing is what they have been doing for the last 20 plus years while we and Europe sat on our ass picking our nose thinking about how much money we could make in China.
wiregold 5
In the early 90s, Hewlett-Packard "loaned" the Chinese 4 model HP35665A dynamic signal analyzers with cutting edge custom microprocessors and the best curve-fitting algorithm available. China gave 2 back. We gave them source code and methods to develop the equipment, even how to build workbenches to produce equipment.
All for the right to sell HP laser-jet printers in China.
The wave-skimming Silkworm anti-ship missile came out 2-3 years later - courtesy Hewlett-Packard technology and the nice folks at Lake Stevens Instrument Division (RIP LSID) in WA state. HP demolished 250,000 sq ft manufacturing facility <10 yrs later.
Robert Cowling -2
Fine, get all upset, but remember who sent jobs to China. The GOP!

The Chamber of Commerce, Walmart, the GOP, Richard Nixon, and a rapacious republican congress and many states enabled corporations to ship OUR jobs to China. Why? This is a simplistic view, but the tax code was altered making foreign investments taxable at a much loser rate. That was also the time when hedge funds exploded too. OUR JOBS were shipped to China because the money they made off the cheap labor was taxed at a lower rate, and the investor class made out like bandits. The rich got incredibly richer, and the middle class LOST THEIR JOBS! Then manufacturing was shipped to Mexico, and even Canada.

American workers became LIABILITIES, and healthcare, once provided by employers became 'too expensive', and employers dropped their offerings to employees. Next was retirement accounts, and what existed were urged to be put in Wall Street managed accounts.

And, for China to manufacture the chips, boards, and products America needed, they needed to know the 'secret sauce' that made them possible. America gave up making chips. America gave up having programmers and designers. American companies gave up, or never cared, about quality control. It was all about profit. Walmart forced suppliers to move their production to China, or lose Walmart as a reseller of their products. That is documented. Walmart FEEDS off of the middle class, and does nothing to maintain any quality of life for their employees or the areas they infest.

The rich want to be richer, NO MATTER THE COST! They can move to Europe, or the favorite of New Zealand. They have a rock solid ZERO degree of loyalty to America. So many couldn't give less of a poop over what happens to people in this country. The poor are something to be 'managed', 'ignored', sent away.

Politicians that don't serve the rich don't get reelected.

Go to and search for 'walton', and see the people Walmart supports, and look at those politicians and see what they believe in. Stop the steal? America was stolen the day it became more profitable to ship jobs to China than have real Americans do it. NAILS are made in China. It's a damn machine that takes wire in at one end, and puts out bins of nails at the end. American workers are deemed 'too expensive' TO MAKE NAILS!!!

And those jobs did not have to go to China, Korea, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mexico... They went to benefit the RICH PARASITES!!!
SkyAware123 2
you mean "STEAL their own"
China has been abusing the US by dumping steel at subsidized prices onto the market, killing our steel industry and the jobs that come with it.
While Boeing is important, their products are more important to China. Once China's regulators clear the 737Max for flight, sales should pick up again.
If not, that's too bad for China. They can buy the AirBus Rattle traps, and lose passengers.

I can only hope the current administration will not cave to Chinas pressure.
Ken Hardy 1
Biden has already caved to China on the CO-19 issue and his son is chin deep in Chinese connections
boughbw -1
"Problem" also means "opportunity." Boeing can be an integral part of China's modernization, and China knows that. Dealing with the US is much easier than dealing with all of the nations of the EU to obtain Airbus aircraft. Cutting a deal as a step toward re-normalizing trade can be mutually beneficial to the US and to China.
I thought that China was a supplier too.


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