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Pelosi asks airlines to pause furloughs, vowing additional aid, but no deal yet

Airlines started furloughing more than 33,000 people this week but said they would reverse course if lawmakers approve $25 billion in additional aid. ( More...

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mbrews 16
- A trillion here, a trillion there. Where do you expect the Trillions come from ?

Answer - printing press of the US Mint and Federal reserve vapor money.

At this rate, the US $ dollar might go the fate of the Zimbabwe dollar. They printed currency in Trillion Zimbabwe dollars, with purchasing power to buy one loaf of bread.
That’s been the plan all along
ko25701 7
Politicians using our hard earned tax dollars to buy votes again. Big companies want to keep all the products in good times let tax payers subside losses when times are bad.
Fred Bailey 6
The layoffs have happened already. That ship has passed for thousands.
Oh please...more political propaganda !! There is NO MONEY folks. It isn't just the airlines, it is so many businesses. It's all about the votes.

What happened to the America that pulled itself up by their bootstraps? Stop depending on big government and depend on yourself.
Sir, obviously you are racist ;-) (joke)
James Simms 5
Well it’s too late for ExpressJet & their employees. They were dead people walking when United cut them out
R M 13
Pelosi asked the airlines to wait, then announces she’s not willing to make a stand-alone deal for the airlines. This is why everyone hates politics and politicians
DGR Rathborne 3
The conversation has been lost here over political views , and the readers of this chat site . Your all behaving like the very politicians your taking shots at . Whats at stake here , is Do we save the Major Carriers , or let them go Bankrupt ? This is no game ! When ,or if , this pandemic ever goes away , and life and industry start to improve , these Airlines Are Going to be needed !! . If the politicians are paralyzed ,in just the same way as the opinions expressed here , then Delta , American , United and South West might as well just Fold up . We need agreement , a consensus that life lines must go to these airlines . To hell with the election and all of them worried about saving their own asses . The Airlines are a National Asset that must be saved . If not the industry is going to look like Post WW2 , when " Things " start to improve for all of us . Please , don't let the airlines Die .Thanks for listening ...........DGR
sparkie624 13
I hope they do something soon! A lot of good hard working people and people that want to work needs this bad and she wants to play politics
hal pushpak -8
Umm. Might check your facts! Congress has been pushing for this..
sparkie624 23
Not going to get political... but the problem is one party is pushing for stuff that does not affect this and thus slowing down all the help.
Ms. Pelosi, STOP trying to inject Pork Barrel Money for your PRIVATE INTERESTS and Cities into the Stimulus, and it would have PASSED a Month ago!
TWA55 2
She needs more ice cream
Joseph Sede 5
Pelosi, typical democrat. Pissing away money.
It goes both ways. Republicans were the ones who gave $700 million to a longtime struggling trucking company with a mere $70 million market cap.

Both parties are trying to spend our money to buy votes.
sparkie624 4
I am not sure that "typical" is accurate.... she is much worse that the typical democrat!
wilma pacheco 2
I hope it’s on pause to consider the 10/01/20 letter sent by the Nat’l. Assoc of AG’s to congress & signed by 38 AG’s. The letter basically requested no tax payer bailouts unless the airlines refund consumers who voluntarily cancelled flights due to COVID-19 in lieu of travel credits.
DGR Rathborne 2
Further , i would like to suggest , that if the airlines do not get a life line , and do start to fold , then the US Gov't might be forced to create an Amtrak of the Sky's , company . One company created from the ashes of a destroyed airline industry , to move people to and from only Hub cities , with bad service and expensive rates .
I remember when Railways all over had lost their passengers to the Airlines , and wanted out of the passenger business . But there still was demand for passenger travel to connect the small towns ( the feeder towns and cities , in airline jargon ) that still needed service . This has already happened . The few routes that are still operating , are the Hub to Hub . all the feeders or spokes are gone . The politicians know who's paying their salaries and making available all the perks and prestige that comes along with it . But they've sold out . Before they do anything they check to see if it is a wise move ? Can my position get me Re-allected , or not ? They don't seem to care about anything but THEIR job security . So look out , here comes Amtrak of the Sky's . I should get that patented and copy righted ...........DGR
Pelosi is a crazy "Queen"!
What a joke when she's the cause of no deal in the first place
Sir, obviously you are racist ;-)
WhiteKnight77 1
If Pelosi wants to get money to the airlines, she needs to put forth enough money to keep them liquid and not all the extra money she wants to pack in with such a package.
sparkie624 3
That part is not the problem... The real problem why the Republicans won't buy off on is that the Dems want to add 2 bills to it....
1.) Allow Voters Registration without picture id or a signature
2.) Allow Voters to vote without picture id or a signature
WhiteKnight77 2
I often question why people are so against needing an ID to vote. Is voting a right? Sure. So is owning a firearm within reason, yet one has to go through a background check each and every time they buy one, or even if they have an federally issued ID from the Department of Homeland Security (TWIC).

On needs a picture ID to do banking, especially open an account. How do people do such and not have one to be able to vote?

The Supreme Court has stated that rights could have restrictions or other regulations in regards to such. Why is voting not included?
is that not a private industry issue? Wait, yes, it is.....
WhiteKnight77 2
They may be, but I am not the one asking for, or saying, that they need to be helped. Just like I think the banks should not have been bailed out, the airlines need to work out how to keep solvent without taxpayers help, even if that includes the CEOs taking pay cuts so as to help pay employees, or laying them off.

Pelosi is trying to get money for everything except to keep businesses going.
Not long ago I and my company (healthcare) moved from Illinois to Florida...ti was a blessing. Now, the bitch is so many "northerners" moving here to get away from the taxes...and voting here the way they did there....SMH....
WhiteKnight77 2
Both New York and California are bleeding residents (with some still moving in) to other states such as Florida, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. The sad part is that they are leaving states with high taxes and restrictive laws and are pushing for such in the areas they moved to. Why? If someone is running from those taxes and laws, don't elect those who push for such in your new state.

Sadly, people want a utopia that will never happen. They want a Logan's Run type world where all you do is exist even if there are those who still want to live more than 30. There are enough around that b**** and moan about old people that it seems as if they want to limit how long people can live.
sparkie624 1
PeeLosi needs to (well you know) or get off the pot!
The GOP Senate is are offering much lower what the Democrats are and Mr. Narcisses has no idea whether he wants to veto or not.
I would veto 100% of it...then again, I think that if someone does not own property or have a job they should not be able to vote....
Tom Cox 0’d have to be a completel moron to believe anything old Hatchetface says.
DGR Rathborne -2
I love watching your politicians kicking each other all the time . MAGA ? Not when your on the outside , looking in . Have at it boys and girls .......What would the National News Networks do with-out you ?

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Jasper Buck 20

Then why did you post your idiotic politically motivated screed?

Look, the airline business is a tough racket. Employees know, going in, that there are a host of reasons why they may get laid off (furloughed) for a period of time. Laying off pilots, mechanics, flight attendants and ground workers is a familiar occurrence in an industry that has swung between good and bad times for most of its history. When the economy hits a rough patch people, in order to save money, cut out the frills including pleasure travel. Businesses cut out business travel. The airlines knowing that business is not going to support their operations ground airplanes, cancel routes, furlough pilots, and on and on on. The airlines also cancel new aircraft orders so the manufacturers stop building new airplanes and layoff workers. Industries around airports (restaurants, hotels, car rentals, retail shops, etc.) feel the pinch and layoff workers or simply go out of business. And that's the situation we're in now. No amount of Federal spending is going to stop that. Having been furloughed myself a couple of time over my career I think I can speak with some authority on the matter.


Capt J Buck

Airline Pilot (Ret.)
ATP DC-9 B757 B767
Flight Instructor
Ground Instructor
Aircraft Dispatcher
A&P Mechanic
Air Traffic Controller
FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (Ret.)
FAA certified accident investigator (Ret.)
ICAO Panel Member
Andy Bowland 10
No one cared in 2008/09 when the airlines furloughed
No one cared in 2001/02 when the airlines furloughed
No one cared in the mid 90's when the airlines furloughed
Early 90's, mid 80's, early 80's

The politicians didn't--all of us that were affected did.
Jasper Buck 6
I cared (especially in the 1980s.)

Airline Furlough Year / % Furloughed / # Furloughed

American 1980 8.3% 3246
Braniff 1980 18.2% 2691
Continental 1980 13.6% 2088
Pan Am 1980 11.1% 3992
TWA 1981 9.0% 2861
United 1980 9.0% 4633
United 1981 9.2% 4296
United 1982 7.5% 3201

I went from the left seat in a DC-9 to the right seat in a DC-9. Fortunately as my seniority number got me back to the left seat fairly quickly. Then in the mid-80s after I upgraded to the 757 I found myself back in the left seat of a DC-9 for a year or so. But at least I still had a job. Like I said, it's a tough racket. But someone has to do it. ;-)

Imagine how the folks in the coal industries will feel if god forbid the demented one gets elected...the funny ones to me is the folks at newspapers who are seemingly shocked they are out of jobs.....
sparkie624 1
That is hard to compare to, where that does not add up to the 30,000 that 1 airline is laying off alone... much less all the rest combined.
RECOR10 -1
Still not an issue for the public at large in a real sense. Seriously, think of all those poor workers from VHS factories who had good paying jobs not so long ago......where is their fund?
sparkie624 11
Please don't shout!
WhiteKnight77 2
You need to press your Caps Lock button. Using all caps is considered yelling and is rude.
Randy Marco -1
EXACTLY correct but this site is full of 1/4 wits who know nothing but are sycophants that keep supporting their "team" as it takes us and THEM down the drain.

Facts be damned to the 1/4 wits!


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