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Korean Air president says coronavirus threatens the airline's survival

Korean Air Lines warned on Monday that the coronavirus outbreak could threaten its survival after more than half of the world restricted passengers entering from South Korea. ( More...

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Paul Miller 1
Guys ? I have tried reading the full story of WHAT the Korean Air President said ? BUT when I go to that site all I get is this large AD directly in the reading area ? and can't get rid of it ? does anyone else have this problem ? can you help me please !!!!
Greg S 1
When I went there an unrelated photo was presented with a link that said "Continue to Site". When I clicked that link I got to the story.
Loren Wood 1
Go to the right of the big picture and a small square that says "continue to article" I think it said
Paul Miller 1
Thanks Loren..
Paul Miller 1
MAYBE ? I am just plain stupid ? but I can't find anyplace that lets me access that report ? I will just give up on it I guess and see IF I can find it in some other place on the Net ?
djames225 1
Paul Miller 2
Thank you so much. I fly KA from DFW to South Korea and then onwards to Cebu, The Philippines all the time, and now with how things are who knows what will happen !!!!
the corna virus is a is affecting several countries,some more than others,and the u.s. is just now feeling it..airlines fly globally,so naturally the virus can be spread in that way,and also cause carriers to cancel flights..that has already begun with american,delta, and united here..we shall see what happens..
Greg S 0
I'm certainly no expert in airline economics, and I don't doubt the airlines will take a hit, but I'm not sure why they can't survive this. It's true that revenue will plummet, but so will costs. Not sure about the employment contracts but no flights should mean no salaries get paid, no gas gets burned, etc. Planes still need to be maintained of course, but that cost goes down also. Plus, on the other side of this there will be pent up demand that should boost revenues above what is normal.

I certainly hope KAL survives.
Kieran Ryan 2
What about cashflow and paying debts?
Great ,Maybe the next airline out of Korea will be owned by a more responsible group that are interested in operating a better product in staid of the nations number one "Family of Squabbles".

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Michael Cole 7
Don’t you have one of the dozens of other political forums you troll where you can take your comments?
Greg S 11
Take your politics and virtue signaling somewhere else where it will be appreciated.
Ric Wernicke 4
What do you mean we don't have money to give away? Guess you have not been to a Bernie rally.
Obama added more to the national debt than every president before him combined .. but not a peep out of you or the mainstream media on that little tidbit ...

Now, can we get back to news in the realm of aviation?
djames225 1
Maybe you should stop and ask yourself why
Larry Toler -6
He bankrupted several of his companies including the airline he tried to start back in the day.
Paul Miller -3
I did not know that "HE" tried to start up an Airline ? Goodness me I wonder how long and what that would have worked like ? We would have been all up in the sky when all of a sudden he would be sending to the Flight crew a message "YOUR ALL FIRED"....


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