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Icelandair stores its Boeing 737 MAXs in Toulouse, France

Reykjavik, Iceland - Icelandair will store its Boeing 737 MAX planes in France. The planes will leave the country this week. Icelandair will fly its Boeing 737 MAXs to Toulouse, France for storage. The airline said the decision was taken to protect the planes from tear and wear that could form due to the harsh weather conditions in the country during winter season. ( More...

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The irony!

[This poster has been suspended.]

Brent Lee 3
Witty. Guess Paul jealous he didn’t think of it.
paul gilpin -7
eyeroll please.
thank your fourth grade son/daughter for us for that refreshing bit of humor.
Brent Lee 4
Would be cheaper to make the damn auto trim cutoff switches bigger & put red flashing lights & sirens on them.
James Simms 3
From wik: “On 27 May 2011 it was announced that Alice Springs Airport had been selected to be the first large-scale aircraft boneyard outside the United States.

The facility, which commenced operation in June 2014, is operated by Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage Ltd. APAS chose Alice Springs because its dry, arid climate is perfect for aircraft storage and preservation. The facility will store commercial aircraft not in use, as well as those planes that have been decommissioned from service and which will be stripped of parts to be recycled, such as engines, electronics and wiring”.
DGR Rathborne 5
It seems as if certain Carriers in northern climates are moving Max's to warmer storage area's to protect their aircraft . I had read on this FlightAware page , that Air Canada , was planning on storing their Max's in Arizona .This was a few month's back .
I don't know if or when that happened . Maybe some-one could let me Know ......OK ? As for the long term storage of the Max's indicates to me that there are still serious problems to deal with . for-instance , once the FAA, certifies the Max fixes , then the Airline's will have to actually do the work , and it is not all just a Soft ware up date . So what i am suggesting , is that the airlines are planning for the Max's to be grounded for the un-foreseeable future. Penny for your Thoughts ? ..............DGR
mkeflyer 3
Hot and Dry is the best to store anything. Last thing you want is changing weather and humidity to eat away at the planes.
Except rubber, plastic and anything else susceptible to extremely "hot and dry" environments. Want to talk about the massive, radical and extremely rapid temp can come check changes and resulting condensation in "desert" environments? The only country to "successfully" store aircraft in desert environments does so out of "convenience"and "economics". Not because they're ideal for storing ANYTHING man-made.
Ron Fletcher 2
Singapore Airlines have gained approval to fly their MAX to Australia and are storing them at Alice Springs
"Gained approval" from whom? The non-existent Commonwealth Aviationn Administration?
DGR Rathborne 1
Good morning Edward Bardes . If i read your recent comment that individual countries grounded the Max's before the FAA , finally put in the last nail , is correct . But are you suggesting that because individual countries grounded the Max's that these countries can now , rescind the order , and allow them to start flights again , with-out an FAA Okay ? Is this what you meant or have i messed up ? .......DGR
Edward Bardes 0
Is there a reason you didn't use the Reply button under my comment?
DGR Rathborne 2
Sorry Edward . I meant no offense . While i have used this site a lot , i am still figuring out , how to respond ,to others comments .. Please forgive my mistake ..........Yours Truly .........DGR
Edward Bardes 1
You're fine.
DGR Rathborne 1
Thanks Edward .
DGR Rathborne 0
Hi James Simms , I had to Google Earth , to find Alice Springs Australia . What a God forsaken place . I have no doubt that it is the perfect place to store aircraft . But what you send there is never coming out . I was hoping to know if Air Canada had moved its Max's to the US Storage area . I don't even have a name ......But thanks James for the info .............DGR
How would Canada - the first "country" to "ground" the 737 Max go about ferrying "grounded" aircraft?
Edward Bardes 2
I thought China was the first country to ground the 737 MAX.
DGR Rathborne 3
Hi Ed , When the groundings began , country by country , it started to happen so fast i lost track . But for what it is worth i think that Transport Canada , was the last country to pull the plug , then the FAA stepped in and made it a global grounding . I might be able to get the info , on a Google search . What do you Think ?.....DGR
Not exactly "grounded" then, are they? Just like the "grounded" R-R Trent boat anchors. "Grounded" is a selective term outside FAA jurisdiction.
It's amazing how "grounded" means different things outside FAA jurisdiction. Kind of like "hours" and "training" and "certificated" (formerly referred to as "certified") and....all the other "official" terms that mean dogshit outide U.S. airspace.
Edward Bardes 3
To be fair, the 737 MAX was grounded by a number of countries before the FAA did so. So, they can relax the grounding just as necessary.


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