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Airline pilot flies dad's remains home from Vietnam 52 years after seeing him off at same Dallas airport

When Air Force Maj. Roy Knight, Jr., left Dallas for Vietnam 52 years ago, his 5-year-old son, Bryan, came to Dallas Love Field to see him off. On Thursday, Bryan, now a captain for Southwest Airlines, brought back his father's remains aboard a flight to the same Dallas airport. ( More...

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Ryan Hodges 16
Well, thats definitely a tear jerker.
John David 14
The "Greatest Generation" helped to win WWII and will always be cherished, and rightly so.

The Vietnam vets are always in my heart and they deserved so much better then they got when they returned home.

All the best to them & their families for their sacrifice and service!
David Isaacs 8
I just want to mention Honor Flights ( because the reception the veterans receive is the one many should have received when they returned from duty. If you have a chapter in your area you should attend the welcome home reception. It will be memorable.
linbb 1
Think you were meaning than right? I agree completely with your statement.
Richard Orgill 13
Semper Fi to all my NAM buddies. Don't quit till we bring them all home.
Alan Brown 13
Welcome Home Major. Job well done! From one Nam vet to another.
ToddBaldwin3 10
I remember seeing my Dad off to Vietnam from Love Field, 1968.
Cansojr 2
Yout father was a true patriot who did not shy away from duty when called. May you rest in peace, now you are finally home sir.
bbabis 10
I caught this story on the news this morning and the name immediately rang a bell. Back in high school I wore a POW/MIA bracelet that had "Lt. Col. ROY A. KNIGHT JR. 5-19-67" on it. The goal was to wear it until your soldier came home. After many years of no information I finally took it off but never forgot the name. I dug it out this morning and it still looks great. I would love the family to have it if it is something they would want. In the mean time:

Welcome Home Sir! Rest In Peace.
scottiek 8
SWA is a class act for arranging this. EXCELLENT.
linbb 5
Great job saw it on TV last night Southwest did a great job along with the airport.
welcome back home remarkable his son was able to do this..god bless them and I am sure there are still memories from childhood...
jwmson 5
Super! This has been given very wide coverage on most social media and on TV and newspapers. That is good.
patrick baker 5
the viet nam soldiers had less clarity on their war than did the WW2 guys, for there was very little public opposition to the fight against Hitler and Japan. So the survivors have adapted into finding honor and solidarity amongst themselves. This scene transcends the lingering bad feeling about our involvenment all those years ago. I lived through those divisive times, went to boot camp in august 1968, and to this day don't believe the septic tank known as Viet Nam was worth any american death, much less than 58,000 deaths. In a piece of irony, the national airline of Viet nam flies Boeing 787's, not soviet airliners. And vietnamese refugees, many of whom are now citizens, have enriched our fabric and our culture. American veterans now make treks to vietnam to visit battle sites,looking for something to believe in, some find something in the jungle to carry home in their memories.
Heart wrenching, but a what great way to honor both their sacrifices, another reminder of how much the family of those who serve, serve as well. Well done Maj Roy Knight, and GOOD SON Brian - home at last !!!
Correction - Colonel Roy Knight
Chris B 3
How special
sparkie624 3
A Bitter sweet moment.... It is great to be able to fly your some home for his final resting place is very sweet... The fact that he had to loose his son is quite bitter... Will be a tough flight for him... Sending prayers.
Bernie20910 2
Ah... Sparkie? It was the son bringing the father home, not the other way around.
sparkie624 3
Stand corrected.... Still Bitter sweat to have to bring a relative home, but great that he was able to do it.
Bernie20910 3
Beautiful landing that one. As one Vietnam vet to another, welcome home, Colonel Knight. Welcome home.
WOW!!!!! RIP Colonial Knight
Paul F Harris 1
Blue Skies Sir & Thank U for ur service

We Will Remember Them All

Lest We Forget


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