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Airlines want the next Boeing jet with one pilot in the cockpit

**Chicago, Illinois - Research suggests the airlines would like to see the next Boeing aircraft to be designed for only one pilot in the cockpit.** Last year, rumors surged around that Boeing manufacturer would announce its new aircraft program intended for MoM (Middle of Market) at the Paris Air Show this year. ( More...

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Mike Mohle 18
The airlines might like it, but what about the people paying for the ride?
jmilleratp 9
One pilot instead of two? Cut fares in half, and no problem. :-)
Cansojr 17
I do not think the public or companies are sold on single pilot operation. First it is a fools dream to think we are technically advanced. Second, two pilots give you crew redundancy and the more eyes in a cockpit offers crew coordination enhances safety. Single pilot operation in light twins is common but not necessarily safer.
Larry White 9
Cansor,,,I so much agree with you on this subjest. I just do not trust present technology enough to control an a/c(pax or cargo) with one 'driver at the 'wheel'. Just my thoughts.
Cansojr 1
Philip Chang 2
What happens when the single pilot is incapacitated or falls sick in flight?
sparkie624 1
Simple - OTTO -
jbermo -2
There still are two pilots - just one remains on the ground with equal capability - a survivor in every crash.
Kobe Hunte 4
I don't really agree with that. There is quite a difference of a pilot on the ground and a pilot 31000 feet or more in the air.
Kobe Hunte 9
I don't really agree with it. One pilot in the cockpit makes situations more indecisive, which leads to accidents. Two makes it a lot better. Not like it would happen in nowadays but what if one pilot was mentally disturbed? Would make it a lot easier for him to carry down the plane by himself.
Cansojr 3
That is an interesting perspective Kobe. GOOD ONE!
lynx318 3
Or if that one pilot was impaired, I.E. drunk or drugged or medically impaired. Airlines want to save money, keep the pilots, sack the bean-counters who came up with this horrid idea.
Luke Runciman 9
Commercial airliners have 2 or more pilots for redundancy. Regardless, almost all phases of flight require a PF and PM. If QF32 or U.S Airways 1549 were without an F/O let alone 3 additional pilots (QF32 scenario), I believe the outcomes in both instances would have been much different...
jbermo 4
.. .ditto with the German Wings suicide.
aurodoc 7
I don't usually comment on this site but here is my opinion. I am a surgeon and on most major operations there is a primary and assistant surgeon. The assistant helps the operating surgeon complete the case. Two pair of eyes are better then one and the assistant can point out areas of concern or trouble during the surgery. Most surgeons who are new out of training are grateful for the experience of a qualified assistant in the operation room and can learn greatly from the knowledge the assistant might bring to the table. Even after 30 years of being in the business I learn something new to make the surgery safer and more successful. I suspect this also happens in the front of the plane as well.
Joe Fiala 1
Gotta keep learning and stay smart. You are right from the surgeon/pilot and patient/passenger perspective. But your administration CFO could tell you that you need to operate more like walmart and cut those costs more with a big smile. Perhaps an assistant named HAL could Skype into several operations from another city and will be able to cut costs by 10% every year for many years.
airuphere 5
For those who didint read the article.. the proposition is to have a single PIC in the Air, and a second pilot monitoring “several” flights from the ground at once. All this to save the high salary’s. Cutting crew costs in half. Their words. What a short sighted position.. and there companies may want it but good luck with the Unions.
lynx318 1
Good luck getting customers on seats too.
sparkie624 5
That is just plain stupid.... What idiots would even try it!
ToddBaldwin3 8
With all the controversy and negative press resulting from the -Max issues, I can't believe that a Boeing exec would even open his mouth over this topic.
You can say this? Boeing is all about cutting costs too. If they could figure out a way to stack people like cord wood to allow a plane to carry 500 people, and avoid having any 'services' they would do it. Air travel has become less about 'comfort' and so much more about squeezing every last cent out of the passengers and the planes. I'm just surprised they aren't publicly talking pilot-less planes, although I'm sure somewhere in the bloated mess that is Boeing, engineers are working on that very issue. And with the public's misconception of pilots just being 'button pushers', flying 'video games', the public will just sigh and climb aboard. Moo...

The flying public seems to not care what they fly in, as long as they pay the cheapest fare. And the 'haves' are converting to flying private. 'Airbus's' name is ironic. Planes are literally turning into buses, and subways, that travel the skies. The romance is long gone. It's profit profit profit, at any cost...
Paul F Harris 1
I most certainly would never fly on a Pilotless plane nor would I fly on a plane with only 1 pilot in the cockpit
Larry White 4
Hmm,,, interesting indeed!! Rumors, research, Are these take it with "A GRAIN OF SALT" statements!! I'll wait until "the fat lady sings" on this. Anyone else? P.S.--- I noticed where QFA7 A-380,(SYDNEY-DFW), was diverted to IAH yesterday due to severe WX in area of north/central Texas. Bad storms with southerly winds.
nightflyer182 1

And would the computer "pilot" have stayed the course and...perhaps crashed the plane???

Very dangerous waters here...
Michael Poli 3
You can only automate so much. QF32, Air France 447 etc... It seems pretty obvious that the people proposing this "stuff" know absolutely nothing about what is entailed in flying a plane.
Radar TFFR 5
And what is Boeing solution in case of pilot incapacitated ?

EAT A306 enroute on May 2nd 2019
Cathay Pacific A359 near Hong Kong on Feb 21st 2019
Cathay Pacific B773 near Hong Kong on Jan 26th 2019
United B772 over Pacific on Apr 12th 2019

Ladies and gentlmen this is Captain Computer v1.0 speaking, the pilot in command is dead...
Kiss your butt good bye?

And if the ground based pilot spilled his latte on the console, or is taking a leak, or 'occupied' with his phone pounding away on Facebook?
lynx318 1
CC V1.0 inflates auto pilot like in Airplane(Flying High) movie.
Jim Goldfuss 6
And yet the article photo is of an Airbus flight deck
btweston 2
Well the next Boeing jet doesn’t even exist yet, so they could have just as well shown a picture of Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines.
lynx318 1
...or da-Vinci's glider that never flew.
Chris Bryant 2
Of course the airlines would like it. Costs down, profits up. Never pass the savings along to the consumer.
Now the FAA is going to be a whole different problem. I don't see the government changing the regulations on this one.
Autonomous cars are one thing, but hyper-automated aircraft with only one person in the cockpit... that's a horse of a different color.
Cansojr 2
What happens when your pilot dies of heart failure on the flight. This has recently happened on a 737. The pilot made a call for any jet rated pilots were on board. There was a US AIR FORCE B2B bomber pilot on board. She was overwhelmed and needed more eyes help up front with radios and a fast introduction to the 737. Had he not been their the outcome of this incident could have had a different ending with the cardinal rule in aviation: AVIATE NAVIGATE AND COMMUNICATE. 2 PILOTS ALWAYS!
btweston 2
In the current system the FO is the “new guy” while the Captain is the overseer (Yes there are a lot of highly experienced FOs but this is the idea).

How will a newly hired airline pilot coming from flying mail in a Cessna 310 hop into an airliner with 150 people in the back with no one to guide him?

Sure, all pilots go through training nowadays, but most learning in any field comes on the job. Kind of hard when you’re just figuring it out by yourself.

This is probably all BS, however. Airlines don’t really want it any more than the flying public, but they sure would like to squeeze their employees with the threat of getting rid of them. It’s a pretty old tactic and *ahem* a good reason for unions.
I remember a joke about a poster showing the future of aviation with the idea that since 87% of all airline incidences were caused by the crew, electronically controllable passenger aircraft were going to be safer. There was a Captian in the left seat and a chimpanzee in the right seat holding a large stick. The caption stated that the Captain was there to talk to the passengers to welcome them to the flight and to assure them to a safe flight. The chimpanzee's job was to hit the Captian if he tried to touch anything in the flight deck other then the radios.
lynx318 1
They are in training now on small aircraft...
patrick baker 3
single pilot bad weather flying with even minor malfunctions is beyond the capacity of any pilot concerned with any margin of safety. This suggestion is so stupid, foolish, ignorant, that it can only be made by a non-pilot accountant. Perhaps the stewardesses will be given flight training as a backup, kinda like AOPA once did- back up spouse training- for couples that flew together with only one of the partners being a licensed pilot. It did save a few lives and marriages. I need to see two pilots up front, both of them of legal age to purchase alchol, but not drinking it when they fly.
ferminbf 1
Right, one pilot just like Germanwings Flight 9525´s Andreas Lubitz
Cansojr 1
Lufthansa has a very intense pilot training program unfortunately RUST was able to mask his illness. The crushing weight of his problem. When he locked the Captain out there was no way for him to get in. Psychiatrists must be forced to turn over any mental health issues for potential disasters like this kind of genocide can be thwarted with the correct once the correct information with unstable people this would prevent tradgedies like this oone and many more.
nightflyer182 1
Just proves how insanely STUPID people are to believe one pilot is better...uh...safer!!!

If this ever materializes, it will probably become the norm for all flights commercial and private.

Should this happen, I will fly private and sit right seat. Oh, and have the time of my life too!!!
Farwah Gilani 1
One pilot?? What if he gets a heart attack or a stroke???
Chris Maguire 1
And just who will the pilot talk to on long-haul .....?
Start doing intercom karaoke...!!
sparkie624 3
Well... they could do what I do... talk to myself.... I always tell my friends that I have to have someone intelligent to talk too... LOL.... :)
lynx318 3
Could always put a suction cup Garfield on the side window facing you or that wobbly hula girl in Space Cowboys....No, she'd be too much of a distraction.
It's obvious that there isn't enough real work going around if a bunch of crazies are proposing this ill thought out fantasy, and idle news outlets are publishing this junk.
jbermo 3
No, they are serious. Eliminating the Flight Engineer just a few years ago was "the camel's nose under the tent".
sparkie624 3
Very True... There is a good chance that the Air France flt 447 a number of years ago with the Pitot Tubes frozen, a 3rd person in the Cockpit may have prevented that accident all together. When the captain returned to the Flight deck, he identified the problem... Just too late!
bbabis -1
Welcome to the future. This discussion comes up pretty regularly.
sharon bias -1
SFO allows landing at the same time on parallel runways. You think a single pilot in each plane could handle this? I wouldn't want to be on either plane.
Kobe Hunte 2
I think one pilot actually could. It's more the fact of having two pilots in the cockpit for cases of emergency. Which could go really bad with only one seat in the cockpit.
sharon bias 0
If I have a big old 380 waddling in next to me, and I know they're going to take as much runway as possible, I'd sure like to have a set of eyes on them. I remember the Asiana crash. That sent debris over a huge area.
nightflyer182 2
Just watched that video! Incredible!!!

Takes balls of steel from the AE pilots because of wake turbulence!!!

I once encountered it and was profoundly humbled...and nearly wet my pants!!!!!!
Graham White -1
Flying an aircraft on approach, talking to air traffic control, changing radio frequencies, on your own?
It's very difficult and dangerously distracting.


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