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Zurich convicts ATC for self reporting mistake

The Zurich High Court, convicted and fined an Air Traffic Controller for self-reporting a pretty serious 'near-miss' - one which the subsequent investigation report had given "no grounds" for the taking of any disciplinary action against the air traffic controller. ( More...

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dmanuel 34
Does this mean the court will claim, with this ruling, they enhanced aviation safety because the number of self-reported errors are way down from the previous year?
Justthefacs 17
Think anyone else will self report. What a travesty.
sparkie624 15
They are creating a system where no one will self disclose and try to cover things up.. Bad system, Their system is not working. This reminds me of "Gol Transportes Aéreos Flight 1907" -

Charges were filed against the controller and the Legacy crew - Sounds very similar situation. I guess they will never learn.
ken young 4
This is definitely one for the "WTF?" file
Wingrat 2
Correct. Forget about “self reporting.” That would only confuse the safety system. The self risk of self reporting is certainly not going to improve safety
paul gilpin 2
yes, i am aware there is a difference between planes and trains. one needs wings, the other rails. but i get the two mixed up.
just perhaps, the court is applying extensive legal precedent in transportation. and europe's extensive railroad history provides the background. a case study would include the incident outside lathen germany.
this is how europe deals with accidents:

and i just can't resist:
instances where we have a "near-miss".
george carlin where are you when we need you?
The reminder of George made me laugh.
It seems European courts have taken a page from the liberal US courts on how to “legislate from the bench”. You can be assured the courts have impacted controllers likelihood of reporting things.
Tim Marks 0
This is the problem with the EU - socialists looking for justice, not thinking about how this will affect the big picture and the future of ATC safety. Bet no one self-reports ever again and near misses will not be communicated unless there is a pilot report. Just hope and pray they do not result in an air event.
Socialists looking for justice?
Please stick to the problem, not a personal ideological rant.
By the way, we (Nav Canada employees) self report in Canada. That's your socialist neighbour to the north.
Which conspiracy site did you come up with that one from.
Interesting that the good ole' American aviation system is one of the last remaining public systems remaining.
Tobias Blech 5
This sort of problem isn't just in the airline industry. We have similar issues on the railroads. If you are going to get fired for passing a stop signal and you are going to get fired for placing your train in emergency to prevent the stop signal violation engineers are going to take their chances because the outcome is the same. Problem is by taking your chances that the train will actually stop in time is terrifying because if it doesn't and you get past a stop signal, one that could have been prevented, you could easily kill someone or worse, wipe out an entire community, all because you were force into taking a chance...
Scott Wallace 9
I see and agree 100% with your point, but CH isn't in the EU and is a bit more conservative than its neighbors. This is so blatantly clear to all involved parties that there is no interest in improving safety here. Thankfully there is already an effort to change this archaic bullshit.
Adi Rabadi 4
You have a very simplistic view of a complicated world. Everything you dislike is not because of socialism. There maybe a flaw in the logic, but it is not socialism. Critical thinking could be your friend. Use it.
john doe 5
That sounds nice, but the reality is that critical, independent thought is challenging and may lead to self-examination and unease. Much more practical and pleasant to view life as a football game, wouldn't you agree?
btweston 1
So now we’re less safe. Great. At least they got someone, right? Whoever is in charge should run for DA in the American south. They’ll be set for life.
Why the American south? Why not the southern district of New York? Or anywhere in California?
s s 4
Because the "American south" is bad. Didn't you get the memo?
Jeff Phipps 1
Matt Lacey 1
Someone needs to calmly explain this Psych 102 concept to the good jurists in Zurich.
Dan Sundby 1
Are there any sanctioning bodies, unions, ICAO, etc. that can go to bat for this person? I can imagine how rattled a controller would be after a serious near-miss and then have to go through this... Very unfortunate for him/her. I wish there was something other aviation professionals could do to shine light on this backwards way of thinking.
crk112 1
Wow.. today air traffic controllers everywhere learned they'd be better off just keeping their mouth shut !
Wingrat 1
Its clear that self-reporting doesn’t work in this instance but what instance would it be of any value when punishment
Is the inevitable outcome. So is it then back to a report,investigate,review then adjudication, appeal before final outcome. Since perfection is clearly not possible is there hope for a system that acknowledges errors are going to happen then work to prevent them. It’s a tough, difficult,rather exacting set of skills that change frequently. Punishment won’t ever work. Just saying...
Never talk to the cops..........
saso792 -1
What did the cops have to do with it? The cops didn't convict him, the court did. Nice statement, NOT.
Alan Hume -5
It's Switzerland. What do you expect?


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