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Trump and Boeing CEO Look to Downscale Requirements on Air Force One Replacement

WASHINGTON — Boeing will reduce the cost of the Air Force One replacement program by adhering to scaled-down requirements and using commercial practices, Boeing head Dennis Muilenburg said after a Tuesday meeting with President-elect Donald Trump. ( More...

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The Air Force will go back and add everything piece by piece anyway and in the end cost the same or more.
golflaw 3
I hope so. Likely the Air Force knows a little bit more, by this time, of what and how that plane is used and what a president and his team expect so that it is not obsolete the day it rolls out the door.
Rob Palmer 1
If I were selecting for this baby, I would prefer a stock, production line copy (and not the first one off the line), as the custom stuff introduces safety problems, quite often.
ReverendLee 4
Commercial certification instead of Air Force certification, cutbacks on special construction methods and included options.
So, we get a cheaper plane by building a cheaper plane.
Why not just contract for a refit of a pair of C-17 Globemasters?
C17 not a prestige bird
ReverendLee 2
No, but they already have a fleet of them in service with the AF1 team, and they're cheap!
Rob Palmer 2
Oh, Lordy! There goes the diamond-studded toilet seats.
Keith Shapiro 2
I wonder if they intend to downscale the stewardesses too?
Publicity stunt is all it is
Laura Burns 5
It is pretty much business as usual, make cost cuts that make great press then on the back side spend twice as much as they would have had to if they had done things right in the first place.
Agree. The issue is not what Boeing is charging but what the contract calls for. I am sure that they can get significant cost out, but why not pick a fleshier target like the F35 or some other unnecessary program. We spend an insane amount on "Defense" most of which is designed to support military contractors in congressmen's home districts. Fiscal irresponsibility at it's best.
744pnf 2
I now prefer to call the Department of Defense the Department of 'Offense'.
allench1 1
Trump is in the process of analyzing the F35 program as well.
Rob Palmer 1
Too bad we can't use good old P-38s like in WW II. Nothing wrong with saving; someday we may need the money.
With due respect
that's how politicians act, who become millionaires post
But billionaires turned politicians don't
Remember the old saying
Once a company man always a company man
My half cent
allench1 -8
And you are quailed to info how? must be a lefty
Like it or not, he is going to make many a CEO around the globe to have a 'relook' at their respective pending contracts with USA.
Humble opinion of an Indian who has never been to USA !
Rob Palmer 1
Stay where you are, Mr. Mittal; if the European Union with its Boy Scout policies can pack many more refugees into the U. S., we'll be like Calcutta in the old days. Maybe the new Mr. Trump will save us.
matt jensen -3
IMHO - from a man who lived in the USofA and prefers to live elsewhere.
alan75035 1
The poor decision-making of this amateur "president" will surely come back to haunt his successors for years to come.
And now comes another idiot that thinks he will be impeached, you must commit a crime or get your dick sucked in the WH before impeachment can be considered, and then it is just unlikely...what are you going to impeach him for? For wanting to put America 1st, you and idiots like you run around hollering and most likely you don't (didn't) vote, so how about just shutting up until your brain gets unscrambled by the leftists. That can't and won't happen.


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