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Burbank's Bob Hope Airport Rebrands as Hollywood-Burbank Airport

Bob Hope Airport officials voted 8-1 Monday to change the airfield’s branding name to Hollywood Burbank Airport in an effort to increase recognition with passengers outside of Southern California, especially those east of the Colorado Rockies. ( More...

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Bainbridge 8
Some people do have a very short memory. Those of us that were around during World War II know what Bob Hope did for the Vets and was a blessing during that time. The naming of the airport was an honor to him then and still is. Leave it alone! Red Bainbridge
joel wiley 4
I have an idea, why not name if for a nearby city and call it...Burbank".
Ric Wernicke 3
I was told by the old folks in Burbank that it was called Hollywood-Burbank because the street that took you to the airport was Hollywood Way. Here is memories of the airfield:

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dc3orbust 10
Since approximately half the last century and all of this, have you been this condescending? Without the flyers that you obviously despise, there would not be much need for us in the pointy end.
What's wrong with people wanting to learn and expand their horizons? I'm no proctologist, but one starts rooting around back their, I'm asking questions, I don't care if he thinks "I don't need to know!"
joel wiley 7
Regarding your definition of 'flyer' finding that definition in any of the online dictionaries available to me at the moment. Flyer is listed as a variant of 'flier' and that word refers to one who is either in the pointy end or behind the pointy end. My late CFI father always refered to himself as 'flier'.
Which dictionary are you using sir?
David Barnes 6

Many of us, while not pilots, are avid aviation enthusiasts. Many of us, while not pilots, are extremely knowledgeable about aircraft. We represent fields such as engineering, maintenance, scheduling, dispatch, and yes, even some of those passengers you seem to loathe. (Perhaps you should have spent your career at a cargo operator.)

Depending on the subject, people jump in and out, lending their expertise in the subject. And occasionally asking questions about things they don't particularly "need to know", but instead are curious about. In this particular case, both pompous jerks ensconced in the pointy end such as yourself all the way down to the guy sitting in the last row middle seat have valuable input.

And if we limited our learning by only "need to know", human existence would have peaked somewhere around hunter-gatherer. But instead, we as a species have quested for more knowledge than that which we "need" to know, and instead pushed it to "want to know." Orville and Wilbur didn't "need' to know how to build an airplane. They could have continued the family printing and bicycle businesses. But alas, here we are, 112+ years later.

So please, turn down the arrogance, condescension, and pomposity, and accept that there are many on here with technical expertise that extends beyond pushing buttons in the pointy end.

Cheers, and Happy Friday!

ToddBaldwin3 2
Well said, bravo.
Well said David, thanks!!
bentwing60 1
dee9bee 4
You are an 'old folk'...'Coast Approach' hasn't gone by that name in over a decade. While in college I remember flying into BUR 40-some years ago while building time for my Commercial. After landing, I asked Ground if I could pull up to the terminal and get a Coke inside. His reply was "OK, but just be a minute". Times have changed!
I would you correct sir but it wouldn't change your egotism issues. I imagine your cuffs are always up to reveal your Rolex too. I may not have a massive log of flying my own plane sir, but I'm both a flyer and a pilot, and many here are just AV geeks. I'm glad you have the ability to know it all about Burbank, and have flown across the centuries. But apparently something lost during your education was the ability to be normal, and I'm sure when your a "FLYER" (the one time in your lifetime) the flight crew couldn't wait to get you off "THE" plane. but even flyers enjoy learning. Like what class is, which is exactly what you lack.

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Thanks for the memories...
mike SUT 4
Just as long as they don't change Minneapolis-St Paul airport to Prince Airfield or Purple Rain International.. :-)
I don't see that being a problem. Prince Rogers Nelson International Airport doesn't sound bad.

I mean, MSY is named for Louis Armstrong, BOS is named for Edward Logan, OMA is named for Eugene Eppley (owner of a hotel nearby when the airport was built)..

Prince did a lot of good work for his town up there. I'd even be happy with a Nelson-Keilor International Airport (named for Prince and Garrison Keilor (Prairie Home Companion) ).
josh homer -1
They were talented musicians. Prince wasn't.
Prince was probably the most talented, even more than MJ!!!
Bainbridge 2
I do not understand why an airport name has to add the name of a near by big city. Here in Rockford, IL our local airport is named the Chicago/Rockford International Airport. We are far West of Chicago and I do not think that the name brings in any more people. The airport should stand on the name of the city where it is located.. Red Bainbridge
dtmknsn 2
I find the whole thing incredulous that a "study" finds that the general public does not know about Bob Hope or Burbank or even Johnny Carson and Burbank.....
Further, that they have no idea where Hollywood is???? I agree there always is a few ppl that are "out of the loop" but to believe just one study/contractor and spend $$$$? to re-brand the airport?

One would think if one were buying a ticket to "Burbank Apt, CA" you would have at least a general idea where that was or why would you be buying a ticket to a place you don't know where it located????

I guess we will find out in another 13 years if this re-branding worked. I guess a lot of sectionals/charts/AIMs/??? software needs to be edited now.....
bentwing60 4
Anyone can commission a study to yield any "set of facts" you want. I'd follow the MONEY.

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I just saw it in the dictionary
joel wiley -1
Mr. Campbell,
that is unworthy of you. I expected better.
Bob Hope --
Burbank Hollywood --

B H AIRPORT n call it good
re-branding ? forget it ...its still my back up secret, Just like Carlsbad used to be KCLD
Wait ...I forgot, your just an "OBNOXIOUS OLD GUY" sorry never-mind "PETER F HARTMAN ESQ"
'PILOT" "SIR" "little boy :)"
Chris Bryant 0
Maybe Bob Hope said something "racist" fifty years ago. They'll probably rename John Wayne-Orange County Airport next.
Pileits -2
Was Bob Hope someone important or what?
joel wiley 6
I can't tell if that is tongue-in-cheek or not since FA woefully lacks a sarcasm font.
ToddBaldwin3 5
Bob Hope was beloved enough by the military that the Navy named a ship after him, the USNS Bob Hope.
blueashflyer 4
I think the Air Force also named a C-17 after him "The Spirit of Bob Hope" for all his touring and work with USO.
ToddBaldwin3 3
You are correct. Somehow I missed that, to my shame (I wore blue for along time).
Smokey Slover 1
Pileits, I assume your not a US Military Veteran, If you young kids would study and learn about American history this country wouldn't have gone south with Obimbo and the democrats. Any veteran knows Bob Hope. The only honorary veteran in history.. Google Bob Hope and check his military USO shows out...Smokey
I assume also that you're unaware that it's "you're, and not your"...
Wow a proof reader who makes a comment!!! / are u a member of the cap police 2 - get a hobby or a girl :)
Calm down!!!
completely calm champ
people are dying all over the place
my son's in Iraq in a shit storm we created
and your concerned about you're and your
joel wiley 1
People have been dying all over the place for millions of years- is there a point to your comment? Thank you son for his service for me. Our country has been creating such storms since not to long after it's inception, including that little tete-a-tete that resulted from kicking the slavery can down the road in 1778.
Smokey Slover 0
Yep, old age typo and not proof reading before sending...Sorry
I didn't mean any harm, at least you took it well...

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Well Peter then no one here can say anything to you- might as well be a site just for you, to talk to you, ... about you. I think memory care is next, your dementia is leaking out.....


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