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Virgin Australia flight to LA diverted over bomb threat hoax

A Virgin Australia flight from Sydney to Los Angeles was diverted after the airline received a bomb threat that turned out to be a hoax, the airline said. The plane was forced to land in the eastern city of Brisbane on Wednesday after the threat was called in. Australian Federal Police searched the plane and determined there was no danger, the airline said in a statement. A spokeswoman declined to release further details of the threat. The plane will resume its flight to Los Angeles on Wednesday… ( More...

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zknclb767 3
Fligthaware Squawk readers & members. Just to let you all know the picture of the aircraft a B738 is not that of the actual aircraft involved, which was a B773 aircraft.

jumbojet747b 2
Honestly some people are total morons to do this and the cost is high for the carrier as well but safety comes first
tracytearata 1
I see your point and agree with you


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