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American Airlines knows Gogo's in-flight WiFi sucks

Sick of horrendously slow in-flight WiFi? It turns out you're not alone. American Airlines just filed suit against Gogo, the leading WiFi provider for most airlines, for not living up to its claims of matching or exceeding competitor speeds. Specifically, American Airlines discovered that Gogo rival ViaSat offered "materially" improved service over Gogo's older cell tower technology. As per terms of Gogo's contract, American Airlines is then allowed to terminate the… ( More...

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zknclb767 3
I flew AAL from KFDW to KORD and the internet or WI FI was not working yet my return to KDFW two days later on another AAL B762 flight had the same problem
Tony Smith 3
Gogo is not a great in-flight provider... but whoever Southwest uses for their inflight internet makes Gogo look like the the greatest thing since sliced bread. Half the time it is slow enough, or freexes up enough times, to be for all intents and purposes, useless.
Torsten Hoff 1
Southwest uses Ku-band Wifi technology from Row44.
jumbojet747b 2
Definitely agree with you.
andrew357 2
yep you have my backing on that one the years of flying with them since the 707's DC10'S nothing has changed in service over the great country America
scott8733 1
Ditto this for DAL. I believe they use the same garbage ATG system. I got better performance out of my dial up system in 1999.


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