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CF-18 Crash at Lethbridge Amateur Video

Video taken of a CF-18 which crashed while performing a low speed, low pass. The pilot ejected and is reported to be well. ( More...

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Ken Meintzer 0
I messed up the link to the video...Sorry all.

Here is the link.
Peter Wine 0
I can't believe someone yelled out "woo hoo!" They probably thought it was part of the show. After I did some looking, I recognized this plane. 188738 stationed in Quebec with the 433rd. I've seen it here in the States at airshows.
John Bergmans 0
Some remarkable pics of this incident available here: .
That is the worst amateur video EVER! Google search this one guys, much better videos out there.

I like the lady's comment at the end... "was that supposed to happen" haha
Kara Allen 0
WOW, there goes millions of our tax money up in smoke. And all in the name of ENTERTAINMENT.
Dakota Ramus 0
Who ever asked "Is that supposed to happen," should be slapped silly haha
As slow as he was going he should have known better than to raise the nose of the aircraft that steep. He lost airflow over the wings. Who ever let this guy fly that plane should have his ass crashed.
andrew holt 0
Ernest has never seen a hornet tactical demo it is a routine manuver showing the hornets slow flight abillities just like as a pilot you have to demonstrait your abiltiy to fly in slow flight. That was a some stupid comments within the video itself like "woohoo" and "was that supposed to happen" wow some stupid people out there.
Andrew, you are right I have not seen a Hornet flown like that. I still say he had the nose a bit too high. It is apparent he lost airflow over the wings and stalled and had to punch out. I could understand the value of the slow flight in an instance of having bled off airspeed in a combat situation. To perform this maneuver at such a low altitude allows no room for recovery in the likely hood of a stall. At least at high altitude he would have at least a chance of recovery.
If you look closely at the photoblog posted by John Bergmans, you can see that the left engine has flamed-out. Losing an engine while low and slow will put any pilot, regardless of experience, in a dangerous situation. This pilot did an extremely good job of dropping his ailing and out of control -18 within the boundary of the airfield, not allowing the aircraft to continue its course, putting the public in mortal danger. Cut the guy some slack... his performance was exemplary.
Don Willett 0
I agree with Kevin in the fact that he lost an engine. That was my first thought on viewing that photo. And yes it is entertainment but it also a good recruiting practice used up here and in your own Armed Forces.

Good news is that the pilot is alright with a few compressed disks. Typical injury for punching out of a plane. Local paper reports his new best friend is the makers of the ejection seat. Cheers.
BigTuna 0
"Who ever asked "Is that supposed to happen," should be slapped silly haha "

My grandparents were at the last Challenger launch. Someone near them asked the same stupid question as the parts flew out in a thousand different directions.
RadBaron 0
This was the "High Alpha" portion of a 2 way pass. On the first pass, the plane will fly at less than 100 knots, with the nose high, just riding on the thrust of the engines and very little airflow over the wings. The second part of the pass usually has the airplane fly by at 600 knots less than a minute later. This shows the envelope in which the CF-18 operates (can't show supersonic near the ground)
If you look carefully, and time it, there is less than 3 seconds from loss of control, to punch-out, to impact.
Gudseeds 0
Nice Vid from Cell Phone Miranda.. Here is the 'Raw Video from our Local Global Guy'.. a little different angle.. and Peter Wine.. You are Correct ! Is a (was a CF-18 out of Baggotville, QU just for Air Shows..) Still.. we had a Huge Turn-out.. and Weather was like 28 to 30C on the Air Field !
Chuckl 0
Miranda could use some photography lessons on keeping the subject in frame.
Sabian404 0
Wow, I can't believe somebody actually said "was that supposed to happen"
Paul Duncalf 0
I cant believe Ernest would question the pilot and his actions.......give ur friggin head a shake!Highly trained and experienced people........
guy boudreault 0
malheureusement celà arrive encore trop souvent
andrew holt 0
now guys lets leave ernest a bit of a break he doesnt understand the power of a f-18 and its abilities so we cant thrash him so badly but anyways with that being said what ernest said about him being to low is wrong as well and its to show how much power to weight ration the f-18 and with that being said it was designed to be a carrier based aircraft and how well the plane performs at slow speeds around the boat is exactly what is needed and while doing the high alpha/ slow flight demo it shows its ability around the boat. Ernest watch an f-18 tactical demo or a blue angels airshow on youtube make sure you have audio of the annoucer because he will explain what the ac is doing. ac-aircraft
andrew holt 0
if we were going to slam someone we should slam KARA
Larry Toler 0
I'm happy the pilot made it out. As far as the stupid comments, a buddy of mine was at Ramstein AB during that air show disaster and some chick in front of him asked "You think they're dead?" Yeah, them and about some 40 odd people on the ground.
depot hobby 0
For those that know the CF-18 like the F18 it is capable of high alpha at 70-90 KIAS with both turbines operating. However, if you look close at the performance and the photos you will notice the right yaw and that the right turbine shut down. The photos show the tail cone is closed indicating no thrust or A/B...


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