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Inflight Trip Report: Flying the New Eastern Air Lines to Cuba

This story seems apropos with the re-opening of the Cuban (In DC) and US Embassies (in Havana) on Monday. The "Wings of Man" are back again. Airways has this trip report with Eastern Air Lines from Miami to Havana. ( और अधिक...

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Derek Thomas 4
Seems (pleasantly) weird to see those colors flying again...
Ev Butler 2
Sure brings back a lot of memories. Back when they had mostly DC-9s and 722s, I spent many days at CLT as a young man with my kids at the end of the runway. The jet blast rocking my vehicle as they took off.
Sam Delacruz 2
Never thought I'd be able to see those colors in my life, but interestingly enought it happened. I guess expect the unexpected than!
Frank Harvey 1

matt jensen 1


क्या आपका कोई खाता नहीं है? अनुकूलित विशेषताओं, फ्लाइट अलर्टों,और अधिक के लिए अब(नि:शुल्क) रजिस्टर करें!
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