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'Barefoot Bandit' Possibly Linked To Indiana Plane Theft

A plane that was stolen from the Monroe County Airport over the weekend may be connected to the elusive "Barefoot Bandit," authorities said Monday. The 2009 Cessna 400 Corvalis was found in shallow water off the coast of the Bahamas on Sunday afternoon. ( और अधिक...

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mattdavis 0
Take the keys out of your planes people. Geez.
murrellp 0
Gosh, The Govt. knows who he is, has a picture of him, knows his home address, knows his family,etc !!

And we depend on them for Airport Terrist Security !

Bet the President is paceing the White House floor over this !!
Matt Comerford 0
It's all Obama's fault!


क्या आपका कोई खाता नहीं है? अनुकूलित विशेषताओं, फ्लाइट अलर्टों,और अधिक के लिए अब(नि:शुल्क) रजिस्टर करें!
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