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Low-cost airline plans $15 flight to Europe

Europe's biggest budget carrier Ryanair (RYAOF) is planning to launch cheap transatlantic flights by 2020. ( और अधिक...

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ToddBaldwin3 3
I have travelled to many destinations in Europe on Ryanair at very low prices. I've made many trips between Frankfort-Hahn, Portugal and Ireland for 25 Euros, although I did pay more for taxes and fees. I won't gripe about the the service or the travelling conditions, you get what you pay for. I got to be pretty good at packing for three or four days of travel into a back pack. It is, to say the least, an adventure. To the best of my knowledge, Ryanair never instituted a fee for tolilets. That was just noise from Michael O'Leary to get some free publicity. The same goes for their proposed standing room only seats as well as their proposal to sell porn to customers wireless devices. It's cheap advertising for Ryanair. Regarding long haul flights on Ryanair, I would not want to fly Ryanair on a long haul flight.
Tim Wilkie 2
I flew, only once, RyanAir, which was from B,mouth to Faro dime 4 years ago. Having heard of their 'money grabbing, antics, I aldo bought, from their website, the approved RyanAir cabin case ( confirmed to all sorts etc and was even in their logo colours). At the gate the boarding staff asked me to put the case into their measurement gauge.. Then told me it was too big and tried to charge £45. No amount of discussion helped.. Until I used my iPad to show the advert, the RyanAir claims and a receipt. Flummoxed, the boarding gate staff had no option but to agree, in a rather unpleasant manner. One employee did finally say that they relied on their commission from these fines to pay their weekly supermarket shop...! I now use a slightly more expensive airline whose staff smile and dint rely on commission for their living needs...
Jim Lynch 2
Plus $150 for the first bag, $200 for the second, $300 for the third, $50 per hand baggage, $100 to board, $50 for a seat belt, $50 if you want to get up and walk about, yadda yadda... same old BS.
Er.A.K. Mittal 2
Does it it make sense ? Not to me , who has been a marketing professional for over 25 years ! These days it is common that they advertise for low fares which are preposterously low . And such ads are allowed or say are not declared illegal ! But most important , whether any body gets those kind of prices ? And if yes how many ? Even in the most prevalent practice of low fares in India , the passenger never gets the benefit because when ever s/he wants to book , seats are not available ! Why ? Because they have already been blocked , meaning booked by travel agents. Obviously in connivance with the airlines ! But $ 15 ? And in the year 2020 , 5 years hence ! No adjective can suffice .
Eddy Oord 1
Again this barking CEO has free of charge advertisement including photos in the world wide Media.
Almost all Prime News as TV news programs, Newspapers, Talkshows ect came with this stunt.
Saving of marketing funds: several millions.And with every stupid story he get the floor again.
By 2020, he can also give 1 ticket per flight for $7.=. Who will keep him on his word in 5/6 years.
Stop to eat all fantasy from this guy with his idee to pay for the toilet and other stories.
deafsea 1
That's nothing new with RyanAir - they are full of rubbish!!! I remember several years ago, Ryanair advertised £1 one way from LBA or else to Europe sites, but taxes taxes taxes total up to £60 or more. Plus, it was HARD to find that price of £1. Forget Ryanair for good.
Matt West 1
You're right about taxes! On my $1,200 American ticket to the UK, usually around $600 of it is in taxes and fees (the biggest portion courtesy of the British government). To be sure, RyanAir may still be able to beat the normal price, but it's not suddenly only going to cost $99 to fly Trans-Atlantic.

That, and it's bad enough sitting in their 30" pitch seats that don't recline for an hour. I can't imagine doing it for 6 - 7.
Andy Cruickshank 1
Ryanair would be a transAtlantic travelers nightmare. I would not let my dog fly on them, and I do not even have a dog!
I believe they have competent flight crew (although cannot imagine the pressure they are under to dispatch) but their attitude to customers sucks to the greatest vacuum value you can think of!
siriusloon 1
This is the same airline that has very seriously proposed having passengers stand so that they can cram in more of them on each aircraft and has also proposed charging for the use of the onboard washrooms. The raving lunatic who runs the airline should be locked up. I'd rather swim across the Atlantic, even though I can't swim, than fly on this pathetic excuse for an airline.
David Baird 3
It is a free market. If you don't like the way Ryanair works or their policies, fly on a different carrier. Its your choice. No one is forcing anyone to fly Ryanair.
Andy Cruickshank 1
Agree, and that will be my choice.
Can anyone with functioning brain tell me how Ryanair manage to operate transatlantic flights at a cost lower than Freddie Laker could and make money?

Okay, 1meteor the ticket to ride but is that in the hold upon hammocks or with a seat in the main cabin at cost?

I reluctantly admit respect for Ryanair because they try when others run away but why do it if others are trying and not exactly succeeding?

Ad what airports are willing to accept the Ryanair model of secondary airports with the loose connection to the major hub?

Teterborough for JFK perhaps?
Andrew Roberts 1
According to the BBC today, this idea has been cancelled - but, as others post, lots of free publicity for O'Leary. The pay-for-toilet never took place - another headline-grabbing gimmick. I've flown them - you get what you pay for!
steve powell 1
Without wishing to appear an apologist for Mr O'Leary's headline-grabbing antics (and that's what they are, not serious proposals) my wife and I have both flown RA for very little cost. For instance, Manchester -Dublin for a day trip, out at 0700 back at 2100, cost £40 return including taxes. Manchester-Majorca return for less than £100 including taxes. I've just booked Manchester-Crete, Greece for £130 return including taxes. That's a trip of approx. 1500 miles each way! And if you do want to add a bag to the 10kg hand luggage, it's £40 return.
nicholas weber 1
It's been tried before. Oasis Hong Kong lasted only two years before they went bust. Long haul is a different kettle of fish. Maintaining the aircraft will cost Ryanair a fortune. Plus crew costs plus food (paid for or not).
O'leary is still trying to persuade the authorities to allow stand up seating. That will never happen.
Chris Webb 1
Just another Ryanair lie.
ToddBaldwin3 1
Michael O'Leary getting more free advertising.
erich gustav olschewski 1
If you want to experience how it feels to be a cow or a horse on a flight from America to Europe, try fliying Ryanair
Damien Garner 0
My mate went on Ryanair and said that having to pay a pound to use the toilet is ridiculous! Imagine how many pounds you would need for 6-7 hours flight.
steve powell 1
Of course you're right, it is ridiculous. Which is why it was never introduced.
PilotGuy251 0
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Ryanair: Next stop New York!

RYANAIR’s business model has come a long way in the past year or so. It started when the Irish carrier decided it was time to jettison its deliberately spikey image, in which it offered customers a Faustian bargain of abysmal customer service in return for low prices.


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