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Navy's Triton Drone Completes Cross Country Flight

The possible uses for this technology are spectacular and frighting at the same time. ( और अधिक...

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bluethndr02 1
This will not end well for us Humans.
So much for the dream of flight.

Purdue13 1
No one in the military likes the idea of drones replacing manned aircraft. They signed up to fly them and be o the front line, not fly from a box in Florida.
Torsten Hoff 0
This is a surveillance platform. I can't imagine anybody wanting to sit in a tube looking at monitors for 24 hours.
Ricky Scott 2
Not 24 but I did it for 12hrs at a time. You would be surprised how many of us sat in a tube for that long looking at monitors and were glad to do it. I still maintain that humans are still needed. Computers just cannot make decisions in real time.
Torsten Hoff 1
But wouldn't you rather do it from an office somewhere, someplace that doesn't try to make you airsick all the time? I'm not saying humans aren't needed to interpret and act on the data, just that it isn't efficient or sensible to have humans "mow the lawn".
Ricky Scott 2
Nope, Everyone I flew with from Pilots to Us lowly Operators Loved the flying. There is a brotherhood rarely understood outside the Recon community.


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