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Wow! Making planes in the world's biggest building

Sprawled out before us sits the exterior of the world's biggest building by volume. They make airliners here. Big ones. ( और अधिक...

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jets 4
I think a disclaimer needs to be added to any article related to the Boeing tour, that the normal tours have very high restriction from movement ability to no camera's allowed. Yes on the odd specialised tours they may be lifted, where possible. This will at least match expectation with experience.
preacher1 2
Bud Bootier 0
At 98 acres this is a mere 4 million sf plant. Elon Musk is proposing a 10 million sf plant - 230 acres - just to make batteries - perhaps including some Dreamliner batteries. The scale of both boggles the mind.
preacher1 3
John Hartman 1
That Tesla plant will be incredible if/when it's built. I would love to see how much new battery technology will change our world.


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