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Historic WWII aircraft restored at NLR Airport

A pair of pilots in North Little Rock are chasing their dream of restoring a historic DC-3 aircraft. ( और अधिक...

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Zachary Colescott 2
I remember a couple of years back there was talk of restoring a DC-3 back to Lake Central colors...maybe around the Ohio/Kentucky area. Anyone ever heard of that?
joel wiley 2
when they get it certified, how soon before you get checked out on it?
Best of success on getting it flying.
preacher1 2
That one ain't my bag. They are too much like work.LOL
Toby Sharp 1
Thanks for the post Wayno! Keep us updated with their progress.
Roland Dent 1
This type is still working everyday out of Anchorage and Alaska destinations. Common sight lined up on the numbers in front of the big modern freighter birds. Spare parts allowing a few more years yet. Brillaint innovative engineering work done by true wrenchers of the highest calibre.


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