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When Good Manners Get Left at the Gate

She told the person she was speaking with to call her back. And then, in a really loud voice, she gave her cellphone number to the person she was on the phone with. I committed that number to memory. And then I waited about 10 seconds and called her cell. When she answered, I told her she was being too loud and everyone on board the plane could hear every word of her conversation. And it wasn’t that interesting. She started screaming at me, demanding to know who I was. So I told her to look… ( More...

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aurynjaye 0
YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Right ON! I am so sick of people who have no manners lol. I LOVE it!
aurynjaye 0
Just read your article. I like you, dude! I hope you're on one of my flights.
Skink 0
Outstanding .
JMOram 0
I owe you drink!
AviatorLEO 0
Excellent! More people need the intestinal fortitude to do exactly the same thing! Thank you!!
fin1jlp 0
I sent this to some attendants so they could share the joy. Since they can't do what you did, I'm sure they thank you.
florida1 0
I wish I'd been on your flight; that must have been hysterical (and yes, very annoying listening to her) You Rock!!
JBurpee 0
The only thing better would be if you were the Pilot....
Codex 0
You are so smart! Here is a big cyber shout of THANK YOU. How many of us want to hear the woes of personal squabble in the close confines of an aircraft cabin. All of us who overhear (or how can we not hear some of these conversations?) personal matters that I really do now want to know--and neither does anyone else unless there are lurking voyeurs. Man, I hope there is someone like you on every flight I take. Keep up the good work.
Pete Schecter 0
and I thought flex cuffs were the solution; nicely done!
dcinus 0
Well done! I'd rather have you on my flights then her!
n863db 0
This is yet another reason why airliners should be equipt with ejection seats!
uwezi 0
Some it helps asking these loud folks on their cell phones why they are not using a phone so they do not have to yell at their partner on the call.
glenver 0
Excellent. Wish I could have seen that, I would have given applause!
Rideauxa2000 0
That was good for her for being so loud u made her shame. She derserved it.
skipsnsx 0
Good news: she shut up. Bad news: she has YOUR cell number.
rofagereng 0
Maybe we can arm the flight attendents or air marshals with squirt guns. I used one to train my dog to quit barking when I tell him 'no bark.' Now I only have to show it to him.
David McNett 0
What a great story!
Love it!
tehachapi 0
this stuff is not limited to airline cabin. I was subjected to this in a crowded shuttle bus en route to KOAK.
sl0wyeag 0
Classic response - love it. BTW, the squirt gun mentioned by rofagereng works with cats too <snicker>.
Pete Schecter 0
note: animals learn more quickly than people; efficacy of squirt gun questionable (but fun)
MicTomli 0
I am with everyone else on this page, keep doing what your doing man.
Pete Schecter 0
what is your proposed solution to all of the stupid people with dogs in bags in the cabin?
AviatorLEO 0
REPLY TO bcfd29: Flex cuffs are a good start, but it still begs the question, "If silence is golden, why is duct tape silver?"


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