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(Video) JetBlue COO Responds to Tarmac Delays

Youtube video from Rob Maruster, JetBlue COO regarding the >7 hour tarmac delays last weekend at BDL. ( और अधिक...

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toolguy105 0
Can you say C Y O. That is what that commercial is all about. Covering there A$$ and trying to avoid multi-million dollar fines. There were 20 some odd planes divert and only Jetblue had a problem, Hmmm
Marcus Pradel 0
Pointless apology. Fire the Station Manager @ Hartford, then resign.

You could drive a set of AirStairs from NYC to Connecticut in the time these people sat stranded in the aircraft. where's dispatch, did they not get a call from the crew?
Chip Hermes 0
No details... and not much transparency here. Not impressed.


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