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American Airlines Increases Checked Bag Fees

Travelers flying on American Airlines will be required to pay a few dollars more per checked bag depending on where they are flying to. ( More...

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Alan Zelt 22
What is most interesting is that AA is the major airline guilty of telling passengers that overhead bins are filled when not. This will further drive passengers to carry on as much as they can to avoid paying higher fee to check bags. And will further slow down boarding.

Customer service award airline of the year!
DaveRK 14
I'm not disagreeing with your comment, but have you ever flown Frontier?
Before I moved, I was exclusively on FFT, pay extra for their "Works" bundle, pcik a seat, board early, free checked bag and carry-on.
I was 3rd to board and the overhead of seat 2D was closed, I went to open it and the FA informed me "That overhead is full"! How can it be full, I'm 3rd onboard and it's over the seat I paid extra for". I opened it and it was her luggage, she had a fit when I moved it to make room for my carry-on.
alex hidveghy 6
Good for you! I would have done the same……
avionik99 5
I agree 100%. Overhead baggage is a huge pain and slows down the boarding system immensely. I would love to see flights with zero overhead, only what fits under the seat in front. On and off so quickly and efficiently! Or they could have free checked bags and $50-$100 fee for overhead. Or anyone with no overhead luggage can debark first. Something has to change on overhead baggage, people try to bring 2 weeks of an entire families vacation needs and stuff it into the overhead. In every airplane movie with crash or severe turbulence has overhead luggage flying everywhere hurting and maiming passengers, that comes from the only "based on a true story" part of the movie there is in the movie lol.
Dale Ballok 4
And I suppose you check YOUR bag, every time you fly, right? How about a quick two day trip to visit family? You’re definitely not going to take a full-size piece for a trip like that!
Roger Nolter 2
I like the idea of no baggage departing first
They could easily revolutionise boarding by using front and rear doors…. and boarding First/Business class last (surely they are swanning it in the lounge anyway).
alex hidveghy 1
Some like Ryanair already do this to achieve quick turnarounds! And they don’t have to deal with first or business class either. It’s a win-win!
sparkie624 0
Only if they are configured for 2 Loading Bridges... Easier said than Done! The plane would have to park sideways, consuming a lot more valuable space. There would also be other logistic issues as well.. I like the idea, I just can also see a lot of problems with it.
avionik99 1
Alaskan airlines boards using both front and rear doors in Portland. I've done it. So did Southwest. The problem with southwest was front entry was delayed due to handicappers slowing the process. That allowed others to board the rear and run up and get the front seats. Kinda unfair....
David Restrick 1
On a 777 flight from Heathrow to Boston in 2022, we were told upon boarding the flight that our carry on luggage needed to be checked instead of taken on the aircraft. We assumed it was because the flight was full (we were one of the last to board the plane having just arrived on a BA flight from JNB). When we got on the plane, we discovered that the plane was only about 1/3 full. We could not figure out why they wanted our bags in the hold of the aircraft because the overhead bins were certainly NOT full.
dj horton 10
American's incessant nickel and dimming every step of the way has turned them into a "low-cost" carrier with legacy airline prices. Bags? that's extra on top of our extra. Wifi? Extra. Even just basic text? also extra. But don't worry, you can pay for it all with the American Airlines credit card that they're going to try to sell you over the PA for the first 20 minutes of every flight.

"We know you have a choice when flying and we appreciate you choosing American"

Actually I didn't have a choice, which is why I'm here.
alex hidveghy 0
Remind me to not fly with them! Is there any reason I should! I mean you can check TWO bags for FREE on WN! Why should I pay Americans CEO his bonus?
Make checking a bag free and charge for the overhead bin. That will make for a much smoother and faster boarding and deplaning experience.
dkenna 5
Now if we could only trust our checked bags will make it to the same destination, be in the same condition as when it was dropped off, still have all of the items that were originally packed into it, and not have to wait for however long it takes to come out in baggage claim. I don’t trust the stupid agency (TSA) and REALLY don’t trust the bag throwers.

What it comes down to is simply greed. Making billions profit just isn’t enough. I’m sick of the aviation industry. Stock buybacks and squeezing every penny out of us. These bean counters have screwed us over and there is nothing done about it. Until we refuse to fly and take away their profits, these greedy a$$holes will continue to reach into our pockets more and more.
Ya gotta love "Just a few dollars more." It's always a few dollars more.
matt jensen 4
Gotta use up all my miles - then not use the them anymore
sparkie624 5
If they were really about wanting to help the customer... Have Scales... Pay by the pound. That is the way we buy Hamburger and Steaks at the Grocery Store!
matt jensen 3
We dio that here - everything is weighed before placement on the deck. Samee with pax. Adjusted accoringly
viper1143 2
My final straw with American was flying back from Japan. A 14-hour flight only to be offered as a meal a cup of ramen noodles. Like the one you just pour hot water into! Even the Japanese guy sitting next to me looked at me in disbelief. IMHO if they went out of business tomorrow it wouldn't hurt my feelings. Thier utter lack of care for the customer and constant nickel and diming knows no bounds. I avoid AA like the plague.
sparkie624 5
All Greed!
Bill Noonan 4
I have an idea. Instead of charging more for bags, how about we start charging some of the arrogant gate agents (I said some) to compensate for the crappy service they provide. Never understood why USAir allowed American to take control when American was and still is one of the worst carriers in the US. Even the flight attendants will attest to this when the change took place how many years ago. I avoid them as much as I can.
sparkie624 1
I still like the idea of charging by Weight... When you order your ticket, you enter your weight. When you check in you step on the scales... No data is shared with the agent, but if you are more than 10 lbs over and penalty fee is added! that way no one has to be ashamed and say they typo'd and pay the fee! No problem!
dee9bee 1
"Never understood why USAir allowed American to take control..."

It was the other way around. That's part of the problem with AA now. AA became USAir.
sparkie624 1
They were Money Hungry in the Top End... Bad Management did not know how to run an airline. They were Bankers, not Airline People. That was obvious when they purchased Piedmont. The High Quality and Maintenance At Piedmont dwindled severely when USAir took over... USAir did not want to keep the plane on the ground (and I get that), but there idea was Stupid. For an experiment, they brought in a plane that would take a single crew 3 days to complete... In there infinite wisdom they brought in a plane for RON to do 24 hours of 1 shift doing the work, and then brought in 3 times the people to get it all done in 8 hours... What really happened, instead of having the 15 Guys working the plane per shift, they made it 45 People to get the plane done in 8 hours... It ended up take 7 days to get the plane done because everyone was simply tripping over each other... Literally in some cases... A Good example, Avionics and Electrical needs power for certain Checks, mean while Mechanics need power off the plane while working on other parts of the plane... It was a Real Joke and did not work!
Nothing like inspiring passengers to fly American when the could possibly fly on Southwest where the first two bags fly free.
alex hidveghy 0
Exactly! Sometimes you cut off your nose to spite your face. Well done AAL, good job alienating your customers further.
Gary Fonternel 0
Another reason to not fly on this chickensh!t airline.
sparkie624 6
Language please... There are some young eyes viewing in here!
DaveRK 1
Just a general comment.
I no longer live near CLE, the only choice i have is a small airport MLB with only 2 airlines going where I fly (without numerous connections).
I've become accustomed to higher prices and a connection, but ahh, no crowds (like MCO) and getting through TSA in 2 minutes priceless.
My trips are generally 4-5 days, I can cover that with a carry-on and with AA allowing a free carry-on, I feel like I made out fine.
A previous comment about not allowing carry-ons, I get it, but we need to be realistic as well.
mike schmita -4
more greed for the suits anything to raise prices hopefulyl they could buy a few bolts for plane doors
Brian Baker 2
And pay for their workers' union rates....
rlowney 0
Face it this all started shortly after 911 when airlines figured out there was money to be had by nickel and diming the passenger for regular services. Things like checked bags pillows, blankets, inflight meals everything!! The biggest ripoff is baggage. If they were forced to eliminate that practice things would probably go back to normal. Sure there would still be overhead but not as bad as it is now. If they offered perks for checking your bad I bet people would go back to doing it. Have you ever seen how fast people jump when asked to check their bag at the gate? Who really wants to lug their luggage (LOL) through security especially with kids!!


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