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Hawaiian Airlines logo muse and Miss Hawaii 1964, Leina'ala Drummond, passes away at 77

Leina’ala Ann Teruya Drummond, former Miss Hawaii 1964, accomplished entertainer, businesswoman, and the face representing the unique island girl profile for Hawaiian Airlines' "Pualani of the Sky" has passed away. Born in Pu'unene, Maui, Leina’ala completed her education at Kamehameha Schools, Cannon’s Business College, and successfully finished the Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant Training program, starting work at 18 years old. ( More...

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Rico van Dijk 2
Sadly blocked in Europe. Land of the free only :(
George Maidens 3
This one works------
Rico van Dijk 2
Janet T 1
Mahalo. Listening to Jack Johnson on Amazon music now.
Janet T 1
I’m listening to Jack Johnson on Amazon music now. Mahalo🙏
after reading the Meaning of Pualani , Flower of the sky . Pu'unene,Maui Leina'ala certainly was a Beautiful women . she has done her state and country proud , and i hope Hawaii airlines continue to use her portrait as a memorial to her . RIP Flower of the skies .


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