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Delta Air Lines Significantly Reduces Miami-Havana Flights

Delta Air Lines has reduced flight capacities by at least 50% on its Miami to Havana route. The reduction in frequencies is due to low demand for travel to Cuba, with other carriers also making significant cutbacks. Delta could potentially reintroduce these flights after March 30th, if its confidence in Cuba as a lucrative destination returns. When airlines reduce capacity on routes with lower demand, the cuts can sometimes be rather significant. Passengers flying via Delta Air Lines from Miami… ( More...

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Bob Harrington 2
Main problem was they were flying an empty C172 MIA-HAV, but needed a 747 for HAV-MIA...

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John Pettinari 0
How much do you STILL send to the Orange Anus every month? Were you in DC on 1/6?
SkyAware123 -7
How much do you send to the geriatric puppet or it's commie string handlers?
Scott Wiggins -7
They love their babbling, geriatric, pedophile. You know, Mr. I was thirty you were twelve.
Scott Wiggins -7
I was there with about a hundred FBI paid know, to create the insurrection.
Robin Dreymer 1
I'd feel safer in Havana than DC.
CapeCodder 1
john mcdonnell -3
Spoken like a foreigner.
Scott Wiggins -2
Why cut back on Cooba. I hear they have good prices on jungle rats these days.

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John Pettinari 7
Spell much?


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