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Problems in Paris: The Air France Airbus A220

Based on reports over the last 24 hours, it appears that Paris-based Air France is now having problems with another aircraft type in its fleet: The Airbus A220. ( More...

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mbrews 4
No surprise. A continuation of problems with the P-W 1500G engines. ( GTF type )
Chris B 2
Pretty loosely gooses piece of reporting. Lacks detail...
mbrews 1
Article includes Regis # F-HZUV, along with the flight track of the aborted delivery flight. Details are not lacking if you simply read the article.
mark robinson 0
What detail are you looking for? What the pilots had for breakfast????
Do you mean loosey goosey by chance??

More care please!
carste10 1
"Such issues involved the engine onboard the aircraft"
No info on what the issues were. Guess they are not ready to disclose that information yet.


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