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Pilot from another airline sets in to help incapacitated pilot

Good stuff that the public doesn't hear about much. ( More...

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aurodoc 14
And that's why you are never going to see a single pilot on the flight deck on commercial flights.
dnorthern 7
Agree. Or why a single pilot concept should never be allowed
You know, lots of. planes are in the air at any given time with single pilots, despite reasonably frequent stories of issues and problems and dramatic outcomes. I think the single pilot issue has a lot in common with self-driving cars. It may happen one day if and when technology is developed that allows an airplane to land itself with much greater safety and reliability than human action can provide. Until then, redundancy is what the public will demand.
jbermo 0
Never say never, as tomorrows technology does not apply today
Julius Thompson 1
Also not good grammar: "Passengers on Southwest Flight 6013, which was headed from Las Vegas to Columbus, Ohio, said they were "very thankful" another pilot was board.", it should read: "Passengers on Southwest Flight 6013, which was headed from Las Vegas to Columbus, Ohio, said they were "very thankful" another pilot was on board."
Paul Miller 11
I see that the media is saying about his matter and I quote, "Off duty Pilot Takes over aircraft due to captains' incapacity." So they make it look like HE saved the Aircraft from crashing? How stupid can the media be to even write such stuff like that? The FIRST OFFICER was fully able to handle the aircraft, but it's always so nice IF another Pilot (even from another airline) could be asked to assist in handling the heavy workload of the approach and landing duties too>
Michael Hawke 7
I haven’t seen that anywhere in the media this time. All the articles have said he stepped in and helped with radio communications. Curious what media outlet you have seen that on.
Paul Miller 1
I am over in the Philippines Sir, and this was one of several News articles that comes up automatically on my screen when I log into my computer here.
sparkie624 3
I am glad he was there and willing to step in... Glad they had another crew that was able to take the flight.
Larry Toler 2
Ah, so everyone had th fish on this flight. Get me Rex Kramer and only Ted Stryker can bring this flight down.
Seriously, this had a great outcome. Shit happens and I give kudos for the entire crew doing what we should be doing.
James Simms 1
Otto the Autopilot was ready if need be.
sharon bias 2
OK, spelling is a problem today. Sets = Steps
Sorak 1
I know there is talk about whether a random person could land an airliner without assistance and every time that it comes up they seem to confusing general aviation and Commercial Aviation.

I have a slightly different take on it in that every person that is in the air with you flying is flying either an Airbus or a Boeing and while the aircraft may be the controls are going to look a lot the same so really if you're in the air and you can keep it in the air another pilot can probably at least talk you down to the point where not everyone dies. And I'm not suggesting it it will likely be without deaths because Landing a plane that big going that fast there's a lot of energy to get everything right. But if you can get most of the things right then it's possible not everyone dies.
Brian Morrison 0
"incapacitated". Another case of SADS as the FAA lowers the bar on health for pilots while increasing diversity. PSA from your neighborhood coincidence theorist.
volvodadfast -1
We need more stories like this!
Shenghao Han 2
No we don't want more pilots dies on the job...


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