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Burbank Airport Overhaul: Getting a Hollywood-Style Makeover

Back in 1930, the airport was state of the art. The runways were plenty long for the aircraft of the day and the airport was a perfect location for the growing LA basin. Fast forward 93 years and the current terminal location and facility is woefully deficient. The gates are mere feet from the runway, forcing non-standard operations with the constant threat of a runway incursion by both taxiing aircraft and ground personnel. The terminal itself is seismically deficient, lacks modern amenities,… ( More...

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Sidney Smith 6
Y'all are missing the point. Smaller airports are more efficient. I can get parked, checked in, screened and be at the gate in under 15 minutes. Vastly better than the two hour shuffle at LAX. Getting off via the aft stairs and the outdoor luggage area is a tonic compared to other airport arrivals. Pass on to the children at AvGeekery which airport is "cheap" these days? I would love to know. There is no 20 minute taxi to/from the gate either. No, I'm not a Californian either.
MarkPicus 5
I fly in and out of Burbank about 6-8 times a year. I LOVE that I can board and deplane from the back, and I also LOVE that I can pick up a car and be at my parents' in Reseda less than an hour after the plane touches down. And at least it's not LAX, where your lifespan decreases by a day for every ten minutes you spend there. But $23 for a breakfast burrito at Burbank? At least it's big and can serve as lunch too.
David Beattie 3
I love their BB! Yes, it’s definitely two meals.
"Hollywood Burbank Airport" lol. I like the airport, but it's 8 miles from Hollywood, over the hill in Burbank. It always has been and always will be Burbank Airport. Bob Hope Airport to those who have been around long enough. This region seems to have a weird way of naming things wrong, considering we also have the "Los Angeles" Angels of Anaheim. Anaheim's not even in the same county lol.

Anyway, Burbank Airport may be a bit seedy, but it has a charm to it.
David Beattie 2
I love the slightly gritty charm of BUR. A lot of history there! There’s a great Mexican Restaurant near the main entrance. Hope they don’t change it! As far as naming is concerned, you must understand bureaucrats. Lording over an airport with only two syllables is highly insulting and shameful to any self respecting bureaucrat. That’s why the two syllable Jeffco here in Denver had to be expanded to the eleven syllable Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, a grand slam of syllables for some petty bureaucrat! Same for the Former Front Range Airport now known as The Colorado Air and Spaceport.
Sam Hobbs 1
No, it has not always been Burbank Airport. It was Lockheed Airport when I grew up.

Well, actually the Wikipedia says it has been named United Airport (1930–1934), Union Air Terminal (1934–1940) and Lockheed Air Terminal (1940–1967). The name Burbank–Glendale–Pasadena Airport (1978–2003) was a monstrosity. The justification for that was that those three cities contributed to its purchase when Lockheed sold it.
Max Jones 2
Back when I worked there some of the PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines) pilots used to call us Looney Tunes approach and tower (because of the Warner Bros. studios in Burbank). I think Looney Tunes Airport would have been a good name for it! :D
Sidney Smith 1
Just for a moment imagine, Mel Blanc on tower frequency. Elmer Fudd, "Wine up annd wait rascal seben tree seben." Or Bugs Bunny, "Hey, um, hold short right dare Mister Spirit Airlines."
Max Jones 3
Well we did have one guy there who used to say (imitaitng Porkey Pigs voice) "Cleared for imedi... imedi... imedi hold short!"
Jim Allen 3
They’re complaining about Burbank? Anyone ever flew into Midway? I flew out of there once .., wasn’t bad at all.
MrTommy 6
The so called "burger flipper" jobs were never meant to be a wage to raise a family of four on. These jobs were traditionally taken by teenagers in high school who needed gas money and money for dates. For some reason now, kids don't feel the need to work, so fast food employers are having a time of it, trying to hire. Meantime, adults who should be able to find REAL jobs, are opting for "burger flipper" type jobs and expecting to find living wages. Sad situation.
Dan Rich 2
So much for the nearly new rental car facility that is walking distance from the terminal. I'm guessing you will now have to take a shuttle bus since it will be on the opposite side of the runway.
Raymond Powers 2
I was born and raised in Burbank, worked at Lockheed, like my father before me. I flew C 150s in and out of that field, all back in the late '60s. I can recall hearing the P2Vs taking off and the U-2s that flew out after being built there. They would get about half way down the runway and then would pull straight up over the field until they disappeared.My dad worked at the Skunk Works and was involved in the U2, YF11, Yf12 (Oxcart) SR71, F117 and others.I worked on the tooling and later inspection the L-1011. Lots of good memories.
Sam Hobbs 1
Is there a way to send private messages in this website? I am wondering if you know Bill Grauer. I wrote a program that converted tools and materials from Black World manufacturing instructions for use of the tools and materials in White World software. Bill Grauer was the Manufacturing Engineer that provide me the specifications.
Raymond Powers 2
When I was in The Boy Scouts, I would go over to Bill Grauer's place to learn wood working. He, as I recall, was very nice and patient with we boys. Perhaps he's the same fella. My dad had a lot of buddies at Lockheed. He worked there for 45 years. He also knew a guy named Seki Haywood (sp?) who was a very high 'black belt'in Ju Jitsu and Judo instructor. That's going quite a ways back, like 65 years or so.
Sam Hobbs 1
If you get a chance to then I will appreciate it if you let him know I was asking about him.
Raymond Powers 1
Sadly, if he was any age near my dad's age, he's be near the century mark. I haven't lived in Burbank since 1970, when I got drafted.
R Leland 2
My first flying lesson happened at Sky Roamers Air Travel in the shadow of the KBUR control tower. It was the largest flying club in the USA at the time with airplanes all the way from Cessna 150s to Beechcraft B33 Debonairs to Piper Twin Comanches to Cessna 337s. Over 30 airplanes. Managed by Carl Behrens with admin assistant Bonnie James. As I progressed to CFI . . . a gazillion touch and goes on runway 15. Many of my fellow CFIs went on to airline jobs with United and Eastern. Some, to corporate jobs.

In the middle sixties, the airport was known as Lockheed Air Terminal and the home of the Skunk Works. U2 and YF12A operations were frequently launched here. One floor down from the control tower building was a restaurant and a staircase with glass cases full of Lockheed flying machine models. Many of our club members were Lockheed engineers.

For those of you who might have learned to fly here, you will remember the other training airports in the area. Van Nuys, Whiteman Airpark, Santa Susanna, Camarillo, El Monte, San Fernando, Agua Dulce via Newhall Pass. ILS approaches to runway 7 over the BUDDE outer marker (named after George Budde who ran my PVT pilot ground school at Van Nuys).

Great memories for me. My last Burbank memory was sitting in the right seat of a United Boeing 737, breaking through the cloud deck and seeing the rabbit and approach lights for runway 7 on a foggy Southern California morning.
sweeper239 2
I like flying into that airport. One of the last nostalgic airports left. Yes it is old and rundown and difficult to park. Most jobs there are part time. That means no health insurance no retirement. Tough to live in Burbank on $20 per hour.
Sam Hobbs 2
I grew up with the sound of jets in Lockheed Airport warming up. That was the name of it back then, Lockheed Airport. Back when Old Trapper's Lodge was next to it on San Fernando Road. And when there were cows living on the runway next to Vineland Avenue.

Now it has (had) two official names, at least it did a few years ago. I sent them a message and they said they were both official names, depending on context. Did they finally drop "Bob Hope" from the official names?
Steve Tarr 2
The aviation content and aviation comments are interesting.

Burbank is full of old history and nostalgia. Like all things old, it is out-of-date with operational challenges from the past. I took pictures when I last when through it. Great memories, and now into the present.
jmilleratp 3
Since it's on the other side of the Hollywood Hills, I would have guessed that it would get a San Fernando Valley makeover. 😊
avionik99 1
$20 minimum wage for flippin burgers? Any questions on why everything cost so much in liberal California? This is nothing more than a dog chasing its tail, all the meanwhile going nowhere! Democrats haven't a clue!
David Beattie 2
Minimum wage in CA is $15.50. But, burger joints are having to pay $18+ to get anybody to work. It’s not like the Boomer era (mine) when there were tons of high school kids looking for part time jobs. The birth rate is way down so a smaller labor pool plus kids don’t want to work or their helicopter parents won’t allow it.
Of course the birth rate is down, it’s California. It’s one big vicious cycle over there.
sparkie624 2
There is no Burger Flipper that is worth that to say the least... Some A/C Mechanics don't make that much.
Alan Dahl 1
Have you seen how expensive housing is in Southern California? $20/hour might be crazy if you live in Dogpatch but it is still below the living wage ($21.22) in LA.
A long process - the California way indeed. By the time it’s finished, with the typical delays and cost overruns, a good number of those who voted for it will have passed from old age or moved out of California altogether.
Alan Byler 1
I wonder what's going to happen to the Connie and the P-38 hanging in there?
Matt Smith 1
while working Flight Test Support in 2005-6 for Boeing, I flew many time BUR / DEN / ICT (Wichita). Burbank was infinitely preferable to - that other LA Airport - (I was coming from Palmdale so somewhat biased.
Get off the 5 Southbound.
drive 1/2 mile to rental dropoff (cheaper than parking for a 3 week stint!)
walk ~100 yards - including TSA - to the aircraft door.

Never had an RTO there but Dec '05 we did a go-around AFTER crossing the threshold (Steep right turn to the south). really freaked out all the college kids coming home for Christmas. Pulled out the Boeing badge and had to calm some of them down. - "He's just doing his job". Pilot told me later "Someone at SxxxxWxxx pushed back and got too close for comfort" I never did like the proximity of the East-West Gates building to the 08 runway - and it's not very long either. Pity the field can't be grown but ...
trentenjet -5
You can put the lips tick on a pig and it's still a pig California sucks.
David Beattie 0
They’ll be happy not to see you.


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