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Passenger yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ tackled while trying to open airplane door in middle of flight

A crazed man yelling “Allahu Akbar” tried to open a door in the middle of a flight from Israel to England Monday — before a brave passenger stepped up and tackled him... ( More...

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Every passenger aircraft needs a small portal to the outside. This guy could then have been ejected at 34000 feet over water, desert, or mountains. Saves time and housing him in prison.
russ mcarthur 2
Awesome idea!!
Alan Glover 1
Who needs judges or juries, am I right?
Scary ...many idiot's out there !
Alan Glover 0
So if you point out it's a Muslim thing the guy is just crazy and you're Islamophobic
but if the guy is white he's a white supremacist....even if he's black.

They're all nuts or haters.

Pick one.
Tim Dyck 1
Or maybe one nut case who happens to think he is doing something in the nane if Allah. I don’t judge a whole group of people by the actions of one.
Alan Glover 0
Nor should you but as I point out, the judging happens often these days regarding conservatives especially the white, heterosexual male variety.

A disturbing number of people's last experience has been the uttering of that phrase and unless you want to paint millions of Muslims who approve of the barbarity as nuts, we're going to have do something other than institutionalize them because the status quo cannot stand.
Tim Dyck 1
WOW you’re quite the bigot. Maybe learn how to tolerate other people instead of just hating everyone who isn’t just like you.
Alan Glover 1
If I was I would be happy the majority of the victims of this particular travesty are Muslims wouldn't I? I would encourage sectarian violence if that were the case, no?

Unfortunately facts are sometimes difficult to accept and often as in this case the difficulty is attended by the ever-more-typical and illogical ad hominem attack.

In a perfect world we'd all be getting along and this is the fundamental flaw in liberal thinking.

We must deal with the world we have (plenty of rotten folk of every stripe) and not the fantasy you wish it to be.

If you do not know the tempest you do not know the sea.

Have I taught YOU anything today? ;)
Tim Dyck 0
A question to those who know more about aircraft then I do; Is it possible to open a door wile in flight?
George Lane 2
Pilot and author Patrick Smith has some good information about this:
Tim Dyck 1
Thank you for the link.

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Tim Dyck 9
Wow a gammer nazi. If you can't be helpful then maybe just don't bother posting anything at all. If all you have is rudeness then may I suggest Facebook? Or Twitter? You may fit in better there.
Alan Glover 2
Alan Glover 1
What the hell are you talking about?
Torsten Hoff 1
Pot, meet Kettle:


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