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DeltaHawk’s jet-fueled piston engine certified

After decades of development, the first DeltaHawk engine has received FAA certification. The 180-hp DHK180 is the first of a family of engines to come from DeltaHawk, according to officials with the Racine, Wisconsin-based company. Featuring an inverted-V engine block, turbocharging and supercharging, mechanical fuel injection, liquid cooling, direct drive, and 40% fewer moving parts than other engines in its category, the new engine is a clean-sheet design secured by multiple patents, company… ( More...

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wx1996 12
Turbo diesel(Jet Fuel) in aircraft makes for some good flying and cheaper training hours:

Love the diamond aircraft and great engine.
sparkie624 1
Interesting Concept... My main concern would be Compression and added weight. The Jet Fueled will create more compression and thus will require heavier Jugs and probably a lot more cooling... Will be interesting to see how they have balanced everything out. Where I am not necessarily a Diamond Fan, they do seem to be on the leading edge curve of a lot of things. To me, it looks quite heavy and consuming a lot of Frontal space (Drag). I will wait to see how this thing actually performs once there are a 100 or so flying.
wx1996 6
FYI - nice little secret --> over 3,000 are in service today. Diamond diesels have been flying for a while. Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University has been flying the twin for years due to the low cost per hour and low maintenance. Interesting part is on the wing the diesel makes less noise than the gas engine.
rmchambers 1
Actually what makes Diesel engines more efficient is there is less heat rejection so more of the energy in the fuel goes into making rotational energy. My Diesel car takes AGES to warm up where my truck can put hot air in the cabin after 1/2 a mile drive.

Also Diesel engines by design run very lean, which is good for fuel economy but not so good for NOX production. As long as these engines don't get loaded up with failure prone emissions stuff it should be a very good thing for all concerned. Imagine a whole fleet running on treated waste fryer oil! or soy oil, or canola oil, all of which could be cracked into a clean burning Diesel replacement fuel.
That thing is pretty slick looking both in the picture and the specs on paper! 40% less moving parts as a mechanic makes me smile. Reliability is simplicity. Shocked to see only 4 head bolts on what is pretty much a hopped-up diesel. I'd love to see what that head and combustion chamber look like. Turbo AND a supercharger! NICE! If I could afford it, that would be one I'd want to try out, for sure. I'd wager this thing is going to cost more than many used aircraft for sale right now, unfortunately. But, it should have a real great fuel burn with both types of forced induction employed.

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btweston 9
“Ho hum,” says the most tedious person on the internet.

And you didn’t need to post it twice.
James Simms 2
Torsten Hoff 7
Surely you are aware that Avgas is being phased out and becoming more difficult to find in many places, including Alaska which depends heavily on GA. While this new engine doesn't help owners of existing aircraft (unless there is a conversion option for it), it it a way forward until combustion engines become a thing of the past.
Brian Chandler 12
"a way forward until combustion engines become a thing of the past"

Brother I dont care how old you are today or how long you live until, but you and I are going to be long dead by the time airplanes no longer function on an internal combustion engine.
rmchambers 2
His aircraft will run on woke-juice, and lightweight batteries that hold loads of power, weigh less than fuel, and recharge on the descent into the airport. Nirvana.
jeff slack 1
Avgas being phased out; that is just so "Ho-hum" (sarcasm)
C J 7
@linbb do you understand what punctuation is?


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