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Airline History Museum Locked-Out of Hangar in Dispute with Signature Flight Support

The Airline History Museum at the Downtown airport in Kansas City has been locked-out of its hangar filled with vintage planes and aviation memorabilia. The hangar facility is run by Signature Flight Support. Signature claims the museum has failed to pay rent. However, Kansas City has declared that the museum is entitled to pay $0 in rent for space at the airport so long as it remains a not-for-profit entity. The museum has, among many other items, two Lockheed planes: a Super Connie and an… ( More...

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James Steiner 4
I am glad I got to see and go through the museum when I did.
linbb 3
Sad deal for them suddenly some outfit wants that space and a judge is not always right.
boughbw 2
Here is a link to the museum's web site:
David White 1
A national treasure. Save it!


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