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Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary Reveals Talks Restarted with Boeing for New Aircraft Order

DUBLIN, IRELAND — In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Michael O'Leary, the Chief Executive Officer of Ryanair, expressed his optimism about the potential for a significant new aircraft order for the Irish budget carrier. ( More...

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scott kennedy 2
While vocal, one has to give deference to O'Leary as he runs the world's most profitable airline......
Bandrunner 1
Yeah, and he's not averse to pocketing hidden money, either.
Martin Dennett 1
O'Leary was trying to put Boeing over a barrel previously. He's bought a few 737s from them in the past and thought that he was entitled to a "Buy One Get One Free" offer for his next offer. Boeing told him where to go. The only place he could go is Airbus which given the size of his fleet isn't really an option.

My guess is he went to Airbus with a proposition and was laughed out of the office. He would have wanted a similar deal to that which he put forward to Boeing. Airbus being the market leader in his sector of the market hold all the cards.

He's gone back to Boeing with his tail between his legs.

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Brian Chandler 6
Dude wow, thanks for sharing. I would imagine right now Mr Oleary and Boeing are on a conference call crying profusely about missing out on your patronage. Anyways, enjoy your sad existence.
pjshield 2
Thank you for sharing. My day is complete.
d. thayer 0
Don't care!


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