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Israel Banning Planes With Four Engines

As of March 31, 2023, the Israel Airports Authority (IAA) will be banning four engine planes from operating to & from Israel. Popular planes with four engines include the Airbus A340, Airbus A380, and Boeing 747. ( More...

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Sean Awning 9
So does this mean BEDEK will no longer be converting 747 passenger aircraft into freighters?
Conversions will continue. BEDEK is a heavy hitter in the civil/military component of the Israeli economy. BEDEK will get a pass.
Shenghao Han 9
Wait until they need to transport something big that only fits through a 747 nose door or something like a An-124.
Brian Chandler 0
It's rules for thee, not for me. Right out of the authoritarian leftist government playbook

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wiregold -9
Jan 6, trump refusing to accept election results, Lindsey Graham calling for riots if trump is charged for stealing TS/SCI docs ... pretty sure this is acting like fascists.
Chris Muncy 8
I understand what they are trying to accomplish, but with today's tech in engines, this really is no longer an issue. Fuel use per passenger is lowest on 4 engine aircraft. I think someone got their panties in a waud about these big mean 4 engine gas guzzlers
George Wilhelmsen 5
This is silly.
Paul Wisgerhof 5
I assume they are only talking about commercial planes. I'm pretty sure the IAF doesn't have an easy replacement for its C-130s. Most USAF supply flights to Israeli AFBs are done with C-17s and C-130s.
- The IAF has about 8 to 9 vintage 707's. Some ex-TWA and PanAm. Some very early USAF KC135's. All rockin' the skies with the old smokin' JT3D-3 engines. The smoke from the engines is an indistinguishable visual clue. None have been re-engine to a cleaner CFM56 version. Look.!, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, nope just another smoky Re'em. ( The ban will be on civilian aircraft only )
Larry Toler 2
My bad, accidentally reported you as spam an nor reply. I'm not familiar with airfields in Israel, but this mainly apply to Ben Gurion/TLV. As I sted earlier, it's pretty much appeasing to environmentalists. I've never been there but TLV is also a touristy are from my understanding. That said, a lot of tourists aren't big into aviation spotting. And also of note, the pax terminal is rather small.
Larry Toler 3
From what I read there will be exceptions for government aircraft and cargo operations. I think I read that in a different article last week but can't remember where I read it. Either way it's just one of those feel good environmentalist move.
gubbesr 2
Please stick to aviation topics. Thanks
Mark Kortum 2
Is this really a huge problem, worthy of authoritarian government intervention?

Leander Williams 1
As soon as Israel sees the $$$ decline because of a not-thought-through policy, it will be rescinded. It makes no sense to ban planes like the 747-8, which has the latest in technology that improves efficiency, and noise, lower carbon emissions.
msetera -4
Ridiculous. When did Israel turn Democrat?
Steve Stein 2
Checks watch…

It hasn’t. Generally, Israel is centrist. Remember, Netanyahu was PM for 15 years and he’s far from left. He also grifted for decades.

Just because a country doesn’t support your political views doesn’t mean it is as polarized as it is now in the US..

I bet you never been there, have you?
John Herbert -1
Really? Your statement is ridiculous, why do you feel the need to make this a political issue? No wonder there is such a divide in our political discourse....


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