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Aha! Ceases Operations, as ExpressJet Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Atlanta, GA-area-based ExpressJet Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 in Delaware and ceased all flight operations. ExpressJet has been operating as “aha!” from Reno-Tahoe to eleven cities in the western states and has also been providing ad-hoc charter services over the past six months. ( More...

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pilotjag 2
Some more great articles...
jeffg33 1
Another one here:
Dan Chiasson 2
Also, the sub-contractor / connector business is brutal. Times get tough? Partnerships are often first to go if not bought out. Very similar situation in Canada.
It's very easy in business to fall into the trap of looking mainly at variable costs and downplay fixed and intangible costs.
Dan Chiasson 1
Agreed but investors (private or public) are willing to gamble on investments which pulls many types into the game. Some serious, some less so. My 2 cents.
darjr26 2
Probably be a bidding war for their pilots.
sparkie624 1
Yes, but not much call for the ERJ145 Pilots... Most will probably have to be retrained. I know Piedmont flies 145's for American now however.
Roger Curtiss 2
Hate to say I told you so-but when the service to/from Reno was announced months ago I predicted it would fail miserably. But then again, many years ago I thought Madonna would be a 'one hit wonder' so what do I know!
Scott Campbell 1
STOP Express Jet !!! you can't figure it out - after your second try
James Cox 1
They just need to let the certificate die already. Ole "Acey" callsign imo died when legacy ASA ceased operations in 2018.
Dan Chiasson 1
yup but greed is a drug.
sparkie624 1
Interesting Article... I thought they were totally shut down a long time ago... Maybe them leaving will help other regionals to pickup badly needed pilots.
Peter Fuller 1
In the end they were only flying a few ERJ145s (Wikipedia says 5) in their aha! branded scheduled operation and some charter work, so not many pilots now grounded. They likely won’t have any trouble finding new employment, but their numbers are too small to fill much of the regionals’ demand for pilots
sparkie624 3
There are spots all of the place for Pilots... I know our company is looking for pilots in any number... I gave the article to our Pilot Recruiters to see if they can do anything there... Pilots are wanted everywhere.
DonDengler 1
Never heard of it.
I have never understood how discount airlines think they can magically reduce their costs and make money. Their major expense, fuel costs the same, pilots and aircrew basically the same, maintenance is mandated and costs the same, only their passenger air fares are less. Who would invest in a business like this? Can't they do simple add/subtract math? If they could do math, where was their AHA moment?
Dan Chiasson 2
My guess is that the key unpublicized item in their start-up business plan is their take-out plan / being acquired by a larger company with early investors pocketing the profits. See this everywhere in all markets - aviation, IT, etc.


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