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Potential New 717 Operator

Chalk this one up as an interesting rumor. We recently saw that Global X Airlines (aka Global Crossing Airlines) posted a job online for a Boeing 717 captain on LinkedIn. The interesting thing is, that Global X currently does not operate the Boeing 717. ( More...

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Dan Alexander 4
The term "Airbii" could also mean it can go either jet or prop? :)
Peter Fuller 5
Buried in the squawked article is a use of “Airbii” as the plural of Airbus. Never seen that before….
Franky16 3
Journalists on this forum are prone to things like that...
One Sheriff, several Sheraphim, one goose, a group of geef. Two Jackii.
I'd guess that Airbii sounds better than Airbuses to the writer.
Franky16 2
In the context, the correct wording is Airbus'
Franky16 2
John Taylor 1
Just a pet peeve but the KC-135 was given the designation of 717 before it was named the 135 by the USAF. Boeing should have picked a different number out of respect for the venerable old gal still flying 65 years later. I guess the McD/D management team who took over had no respect for Boeing's history.
ArtArrow 1
If memory serves, the Douglas DC-9 was renamed the 717 upon the merger of Boeing and Douglas. 😳
yatesd 1
Only the MD-95 was in production when merger completed and got the 717 designation. Its a shame they changed it.


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