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Wizz Air CEO under investigation by EASA after suggesting fatigued crew members work through tiredness

Wizz Air's CEO is under investigation by the EASA after suggesting that fatigued crew members work through tiredness for the sake of the airline. ( More...

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sparkie624 12
They must be held accountable before a lot of people pay the Ultimate Price for it!
Etienne Daniels -9
Same like those from Boeing? Luckily this ia Europe.
Ron Streetenberger 1
I have heard that the French are aiming at a 2 day work week with four hour lunch breaks and free wine. 40 hour work weeks must seem inhumane to you folks.
sparkie624 2
Everything sounds great... But would have to skip the wine.. LOL!
Etienne Daniels 1
And the world is still flat in parts of the US :)
Etienne Daniels 0
Come on guys, being patriotic is not bad but resigning with golden parachute is not justice. That has nothing to do with capitalism anymore, pure greed and a f... up justice system.
Ron Streetenberger 5
Whizz Air: As in taking a whizz?
Duane Mader 6
Worst name ever.
Bob Clark 4
I think I saw their slogan the other day "If You Gotta Go, Take A Wizz"
patrick baker 19
this type of leader with his medieval attitudes is unworthy of any leadership position, especially in any service business. Employees give their finest efforts every flight and need some quality backup from the suits back sitting on their butts thinking silly thoughts. Good idea to publicize this outrageous stupidism, and keep it in curculation until progress is made
George Hotaling 4
It sounds like this guy is great for entry into National politics! He would fit right in!
Jon Turner -4
Clearly written from someone who has NEVER had to deal with the entitled, lazy brats that now make up the majority of the employment pool. For craps sake, I pay people top dollar for the easiest job in the world and they still complain and bitch about EVERYTHING! Where is their value add at? I highly reward the employees that add the most value to my company. I'm also very generous with those employees with extra paid time off and bonuses because they have a great work ethic and add tremendous value to our company. Mr Baker, you sound like every other lazy ass communist out there thinking that you're giving 115% when in reality your giving 10% to your job on your best day. AAAnnnddd....Before you get angry at my analyses, give it some real thought... OK? My aim is to make everyone around me successful and prosperous, but that doesn't happen without them putting in their part of the effort. Ask yourself... when was the last time you put in over 90 hours a week to achieve your dreams? If the answer is never, then you've got work to do my friend!
srobak 8
well GOOD. He should be under investigation, and he should also get shitcanned. No matter what all else is happening - you never, ever, EVER compromise safety in flight - and certainly not against commercial passengers.
Leander Williams 4
That won't be an airline on my travel itinerary.
Harry Schluderberg 4
Smart move. He gets canned, collects his golden parachute and retires in comfort.
jetserf 4
I suspect he wouldn’t want fatigued crew flying his family.
Curt Cannon 3
His beancounter is showing.
Rene Kunz 3
If no one would fly with Wizz Air in the future, this airline and it's CEO will be history sooner or later.
sparkie624 0
But think of the innocent people put out of work, all over 1 Idiot!
phil gibson 0
Ah hell….quit all the belly ache BS….where’s all that shit in writing…. Right, there isn’t. It’s all rumor at this point…. If you find it necessary, get a damn lawyer, or find another job. Be thankful you have a job you love to do. Stay out of the politics… it can kill the “dream”…..


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