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Not going to fly: Spirit Airlines again rejects JetBlue’s bid

Spirit Airlines Inc. rebuffed a hostile $3.3 billion takeover offer from JetBlue Airways Corp., setting the stage for a potentially contentious vote by shareholders on whether to back a JetBlue bid or stand by a pending combination with rival deep discounter Frontier Group Holdings Inc. Spirit said its board unanimously determined that the JetBlue proposal is not in the best interests of the carrier or its shareholders. The potential transaction “faces substantial regulatory hurdles” and is… ( More...

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jmilleratp 1
The issue here is valid. Getting a Spirit-JetBlue to merger to go through regulators is going to be more difficult than a Spirit-Frontier merger. It feels like, after JetBlue could not get Virgin America, they are just wanting to get a merger to go through, but not thinking about whether it would be successful getting through regulators.

Lewis Tripp 0
Ah, yes, the unholy Spirit
ADXbear -1
Huh, we need to read aljazeera for our aviation news??? I don't think so. Yea,I'm bias when it comes to the use of middle east anything!!


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