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Antonov Official Fired after Destruction of World’s Largest Cargo Airplane

A former An-225 pilot said NATO had warned Antonov in January about Russia’s impending invasion and recommended that Mriya be deployed outside the country as a safety measure, but the aircraft was down for repairs. ( More...

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djames225 11
Down for repairs my a**! It was more than 1 official who should be canned!!
It had an engine removed to facilitate the repair of an AN124, but as Dymtro Antonov explained weeks ago, the unit could have been replaced with a ballast unit and the craft flown to Liepzig under 4 engine taxi. AN22 and another AN124 were to carry tools and other parts needed. Antonov Management were to have facilitated the Lepzig relocate but instead they fired the logisitics operator in Germany. Then all H broke out in Ukraine
Larry Toler 5
I wondered when this blunder was going to bite somebody in the end.
srobak 2
of course it ended up biting the person who wasn't responsible. seems as corporate bs in eastern europe is no different than it is in the us. reward incompetence and punish those who do good work.
If he said the airplane could not be flown out of danger because it was in need of repairs, he got fired for the original screw up and lying about it afterwards. I have it on good authority It was in the air 3 weeks earlier, which was well after the invasion was "imminent".
srobak 0
It landed there on Feb 5 and was undergoing schedule C maintenance check, including the removal of an engine.
djames225 2
The engine removal was to facilitate the repair of an AN124! A Ballast engine could have been fitted and flown out for a ferry run on 4 engines. It was a modifyed B check.
Besides that, the AN22 and a few other craft were perfectly capable of re-locating, yet there they sit destroyed.
srobak 1
yeah - well when the Russians are knocking on your door - your first priority is and absolutely should be for your kids and family. Not airplanes. No - not even the 225.
yeah - well nice try on the save the women and children first thing but it doesn't fit the timeline since the Russians were knocking on the door for a solid six months... and just in case they were in the shower and couldn't hear the door everyone who wasn't deaf was screaming "Hey Ukraine, Russia is knocking on your door and they look pissed" at the top of their lungs.

Somebody effed up, and effed up royally.
djames225 1
Feb 10th That is when those Antonov higher ups were told what should be done. There would have been plenty of time to evacuate EVERYONE and everything but those idiots didnt even take the families to Lepzig!!
Larry Toler 1
At the end of the day, people are way more important than an iconic aircraft. Goes to show you where priorities lay.
That said, years ago, while stationed at Ramstein Yugoslavia fell apart. As the new Air Mobility Command changed hands from Military Airlift Command within the restructuring of all US forces at end of the Cold War, we shifted balance to a more "humanitarian" effort.At the same time we were also dealing with Somalia, a no fly zone around Iraq, and never really ceased flying over Russia and China. All while on a budget and new regulations. It was exciting and fun while a 20 year old Senior Airman as night shift supervisor of Terminating Air Cargo Processing at Ramstein.
That said, I went through the "First Gulf War", airlifting "humanitarian" supplies to both former East Bloc countries as well as the Soviet Union, Somalia, and a staging effort within Kenya for the war going on on in Rwanda, and to cap it off the Yugoslavian Civil War. All that between 1990-'94. After I got out of the USAF, worked as a transportation clerk in support for the US Army in support of "peacekeeping" in Bosnia.
I was fortunate to not have "gone down range", but I was certainly close enough to be 95% involved. At the end of the day, I was lucky. Some of my friends didn't make it back. Just take that into consideration.

Sorry to go off and make this political. Passing it forward to some of my USAF higher ups who served in Vietnam and passed this Gung ho 18 year A1C at the time when I volunteered to go down range during Desert Sheild while I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall.
Who is suggesting they should have encircled the thing and defended it down to the last man? Remember The Alamo!

Nobody, that's who. All they had to do was park the damn thing in Poland. It's not complicated.
steve dinnen 2
They hardly needed a warning from NATO that the plane was in harm's way. I have a degree in geography and I could figure it out. Idiots, plain (plane) and simple.
srobak 3
well that's stupid.... his videos of when he went back to the antonov complex were both enlightening and tragically heartbreaking at the same time.. I have been watching his videos for years. for him to be canned over this is ridiculous and is a big black mark for antonov. now is not the time for petty corporate politics in ukraine. what happened to the company, facility, 225 and the entire country is a massive tragedy. pouring salt on that because of things said during an emotional venture into worn-torn grounds is just dumb.
djames225 1
Serhiy Bychkov did not post the videos. Dmytro Antonov posted the videos and has been adamant in the higher ups stupidity since he landed the 225 back in Feb.
Dan Chiasson 2
Seems this thread has headed off into the social media landscape with everybody being an expert and a lot of emotional pissing into the wind going on. Just noise.
john baugh 1
Ukraine really got caught flat footed by the Russians. The AN-225 would have been invaluable to move supplies, ammo and refugees out of the country or into the country during this time. Very sad that no thought was put into the 135,000 Russian combat troops on the border.
And I suppose Erik that "flagship" Moskva is not actually sitting at the bottom of the Black Sea right now??? Courtesy of a "losing" country!
ADXbear -1
GOOD! Russia has hundreds of billions owed to Ukraine for rebuilding, families etc. Anyone associated with Russia management and government must face the rath of the world court!
The loss of the 225 is inexcusable, the plane should and could have been ferried to Poland out of harm along with other aviation assets.

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Perhaps. Or maybe you and your comrades are just dicks.
Dave Mathes 1
djames225 1
Knock it off with your conspiracy BS because frankly IM getting sick of it!
Ukraine DID NOT get what it deserved as NO country on the planet deserves what is happening!!
Russia has MORE Nazi sympathizers and those in power than Ukraine could even think of having. Russia was the 1 who illegally annexed land that was not part of Russia and Moscow backed militias fought Ukrainian forces in the Donbas region for years.
And Ukraine has not already lost!!!!
tpmorrow 1
Erik Bruner = Russion bot
Tom Pips 1
Internet is glorious place. Every last germ of humanity has its chance to show off its idiocy.
Dan Chiasson 0
Yup - everybody is an expert of nothing BUT all get their jollies from the anonymity that social media permits in being allowed to blow "hot air".
Tim Segulin 0
You can't be serious.
Ukraine was living in peace and offering no threat to Russia beyond their democracy, such as it was, put real power in the ballot box and offered a better standard of living for the average Ukrainian than the average Russian. Even more than the Russian people, they are a victim of Putin's imperial fantasies.
The loss of the An-225 was inexcusable.
Jim Mitchell 0
I'd answer but I'd be talking to a Russian bot.

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Michael Ley 2
Triggering Putin’s infantile paranoia is not the same as causing an invasion of sovereign territory and ravaging it’s people.


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