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France's Domestic Flight Ban Will Start Next Month

A year after the French Parliament backed the abolishing of domestic flights on routes that can be covered by train in two and a half hours or less, the ban is set to come into force next month. ( More...

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patrick baker 3
by the same token, delta'a flights to birmingham and savannah would be under the same restrictions, also chattannooga. But america does not have a railroad system worthy of the name. All over Europe these kinds of revisions can be made because of the quality and quantity of train services, many of which are electric locomotives.
Chris Maguire 3
Probably be quicker than plane anyway - and you won't have uncontrolled little sh*ts behind you kicking the back of your seat.......
william baker -1
How does this work on the Tahiti to Paris flight. That is Domestic??
rugomol 2
"routes that can be covered by train in two and a half hours or less"
william baker 0
O Guess I didnʻt catch that. My bad.
Glynn Coates -8
The disruption to our lives for the ridiculous green agenda, carries on apace!


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