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United flight stuck on taxiway with flat tires

DENVER (KDVR) — An airplane was stuck with flat tires on Friday at the Denver airport. The United Airlines aircraft had flat tires and could not leave the taxiway, according to a Denver International Airport spokesperson. ( More...

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bentwing60 4
When the first tyre blows on a single bogie the second is overloaded, overheats and is not far behind the first to be inflation challenged.
sharon bias 2
Must have been a hell of a landing.
Zack Jones 2
I’d vote anti-skid failure coupled with subsequent over-braking.
blueashflyer 3
Where's a wheel-changing pit crew when you need one?
gubbesr 1
They should have called Les Schwab, could have gotten a whole set in a hour :)
godutch 1
It's funny...the report doesn't even mention HOW the tire(s) flattened. Terrible reporting...
jim sisti -3
hmm, parking brake on?? Both US and FedEx landed at FLL (within 3 weeks of each other] with the parking brake on, summer of 2009 or2010. Both were Airbus and talk at the time was crews used to set the brake on take off to quiet the wheels as the landing gear was brought up into the belly.
If that was the case in DEN, the crew realized it just as they touched down and released- the US plane stayed straight on centerline with it on, when it stopped the rims were over 1/3 gone, the brake assembly on each main were half their original size from the grinding the runway gave them.
Jeff Voelkers 3
I can't speak to Airbus aircraft, but I was a USAF Aircraft electrician on several types of aircraft (Both fighters and heavies) for 22 years. On everything I worked, there was a function built into the anti-skid that applied the brakes for a second when the gear came up to prevent the wheels from spinning when they were in the wells. Also, on the aircraft I worked that had parking brakes (Not all did), the Parking brake was disabled when the WOW (Weight on Wheels) system sensed the aircraft was off the ground, so it couldn't be applied in flight.


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