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Cessna Unveils Next-gen Corvalis with Touch-screen Garmin G2000

Cessna Aircraft today unveiled its new Corvalis TTX high-performance, single-engine piston at the Sun ’n Fun International Fly-In & Expo in Lakeland, Fla. The upgraded Corvalis features new standard and optional equipment, all-new interior and paint scheme options and, perhaps most important, the Intrinzic flight deck that uses the new touch-screen Garmin G2000 avionics system as its platform. ( और अधिक...

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Ferguson Sam 0
I think Cessna is really missing the point here: Why have this super duper Garmin in a non pressurized non FIKI piston that puts the cost right there next to a used meridian?
Gene Nowak 0
Sorry Sam, but I must agree with Dennis. I'm sure you will agree you don't start teaching stall maneuvers and emergency landings once you have transitioned into Air Bus.
Gene spanos 0
Just think of all of those private planes in the air as we speak and when NextGen is up and running....without the proper gear that will be required to fly - per the FAA!
Christopher Rea 0
Too fancy... I like my 172N carborated. G2000? really? I havent gotten used to the G1000?
Ferguson Sam 0
a $750k fixed gear training airplane? I'd just as soon fly a g1000 c172 (which I do) and certainly for training need retract time. But maybe your'e right: its for the "big boys" that can afford that type of trainer and the current pilot's pay... By the way, does the Air Bus have touch screen G3-5000"s?
amado leon 0
by that time iwill be to old to fly any way.
amado leon 0
its nice to have that tv in front of u ,but when it fails u are lost .
Brian Bishop 0
BTW guys, this is not a "trainer" aircraft. It's Cessna's answer to the Cirrus SR22 that many people fly themselves for business as well as pleasure. There's no questioning the success of the SR22 line, and it's relatively (compared to a 172) sophisticated FD. With the pending sale of Cirrus to the Chinese, this model could do very well for Cessna. As far as the Garmin FD - like it or not, everything will be this way before long.
Ferguson Sam 0
I never really thought the Corvalis was meant to be a trainer; it just seems to me this was cheap PR stunt/upgrade compared to what really would have made this plane special (pressur/FIKI). without even FIKI Cirrus and Mooney stay way on top in my opinion. But then I'd just as soon go a little further and get the Meridian.


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