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Nancy Pelosi spent almost $500K on private jets despite climate preaching

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has shelled out nearly $500,000 for private flights since October 2020, despite her claims that the US has a “moral obligation” to address climate change. ( और अधिक...

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Roy Hunte 16
Hypocrite like the rest of them.
Ricky Scott 12
Rules for Thee and not for Me attitude.
Mike Mohle 12
She had to get home to her fancy ice cream and could not be bothered by flying in a cattle car!
Lee Withers 6
Hopefully her emission will be cut down. 🙄
ADXbear 3
Time to go this year, a multi millionaire living fat off our taxes.. sick of this kind of spending
Mark Ryalls 3
Lets not forget all of the trips WE paid for in big government jets, flying her freeloading fanny to Washington and back to San Francisco regularly.
bbabis 2
I think politicians using private jets is great. Just don't tell us not to in your next breath.
Frank Zilka 1
The womens a pig, she has ripped off the American tax payer for 40 years. Term limits
Highflyer1950 -4
Guess that’s about 50 odd hours for two years? Most corporate bigwigs put on 300-400 hours per year on their Gulfstreams or Challengers. I’d be more concerned with weekly B-747 flights to Florida for a certain 4 years or a certain 535 members of the House of Representatives flying business class every week and accomplishing very little in the same time frame. Just sayin’.
Randy Rankin 9
Obama put a lot of nautical miles on VC-25. So did Michelle.
James Simms 7
Shhhhhh. That doesn’t fit the narrative
djames225 1
How did Michelle end up putting miles on VC-25. Most times, if not with the President, she was seen exiting the 757.
dnorthern 4
So it was ok that it was a government funded 75?

Rationalization is your forte
djames225 1
I was asking Randy about his statement.
If she was going on government sanctioned deeds, then yes using the '57 was ok. At least it's not as bad a stink bomb as VC-25. If you folks don't want them using the jets as they were commissioned for, make it known to your President and government.
Yes rationization is my forte. I do agree that Pelosi is a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to this.
Charlie Roberts 8
Let's not forget the Hawaii trips, before those....
Highflyer1950 4
Yep, no question those 8 trips were damn expensive. I guess that’s the price of poker these days and security!

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dnorthern 5
Dropped on your head as a small child, eh?
Larry Martin -6
And of course a right wing newspaper has the story. So likely not true
Greg S 3
dnorthern 1
Don’t hit your head on the floor on your way out.


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